Airport pick up from Paris CDG

Hi all. Couple of questions for my first post. Does anyone know of anyone who does airport pick ups from Paris - to the Dordogne - with a van - that could accommodate 3 dogs, 2 cats, and the crates, luggage and 2 humans?

And secondly, does anyone know of any fencing contractors or ‘men who can’ in the Dordogne area?

Many thanks

Good grief it must be over 600km, depending whereabouts in the Dordogne! Can’t you get an onward flight to Bergerac or somewhere? Or hire a van and drop it off the other end?
Last time I took a taxi in France (admittedly at night) it cost me 75€ for about 35km. At that rate it would cost over 1000€ for normal private hire, without the extra luggage - possibly well more if they also charge for empty mileage in the other direction.
Just my knee jerk reaction, maybe I’m missing something…

PS Welcome to the forum ! and sorry your first reply wasn’t more helpful, hope the next one is!

I echo Anna’s comments… but on another tack

Just whereabouts in the Dordogne are you heading ??

There certainly are folk who do fencing work etc… more info from you would help us to give you useful contacts.

Hi. Thank you. We have looked into hiring a van and prices came up a lot more expensive than 1000 euros, hence why we are enquiring if there are any local companies who do it. Plus we are struggling to find vans we can hire directly at the airport and with 3 dogs in big crates one per trolley, 2 cats in crates, and luggage to manoeuvre we need pick up literally right outside the door, pretty much (struggling to find van hire full stop!) Onward flights are out of the question with the animals, and the size of their crates. The area is north Dordogne, nr Thiviers. Loads of companies do animal transfers from UK to France and vice versa (and we’re looking into those) but just wondered if anyone knew of companies straight away that do it within France - and include ‘transferring’ the humans too :slight_smile: Or, with possibly the animal transfer companies, they take the dogs and we hire a car for us (and the cats). At the moment that is looking cheaper than hiring a van ourselves. We need Paris to Dordogne, after a seven hour flight.

PS - On the fencing side - thank you Stella - on another site I only had one reply from a company in Lot et Garonne who are kindly coming up to do us a quote. Again why I am posting here for the Dordogne in general as anywhere is closer than Lot et G for near Thiviers and this site seems to get more ‘traffic’ than the other one, and it would be good to get more than one quote, and it needs to be done very soon. So would be extremely grateful if you could give me any recommendations. Many thanks for your replies. Very appreciated.

Verity… I met someone last weekend at a Perigueux Expo… who is currently doing fencing at a property quite near Thiviers… what a coincidence !

I shall get his details and send you a “private message” on this site asap.

Where are you in the uk?