Aladdin cancelled

A production Aladdin has been cancelled due to the unease over cultural insensitivity.
The world continues to be bonkers.

It’s curious that no-one was able to explain why the decision was made. If wokeism (as opposed to “being woke”) exists outside the Right wing’s imagination, one of its characteristics is inability to reason.

Maybe people didn’t like the name of the theatre group!

Not just in the wail:

Pantomime dames seen as transphobic and the genre is ‘heteronormative’.

Our village usually does a panto, and it’s a very gender-fluid affair - perhaps a part of the problem is that it’s not the right kind of gender fluidity, or because we know the straights are straight (mostly anyway) so it doesn’t count.

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What utter bollocks.
What is wrong with a man dressing up as the panto dame and the principal boy being a woman? Surely it what we call entertainment, oh yes it is.
In my youth I played many parts in amateur panto and to see the delight, surprise, joy and every other emotion on children and adult faces in the audience was priceless and unforgettable.
I don’t know or want to know what woke is but if it is behind this stupidity that is trying to cancel this fun family entertainment then the world has gone mad, oh yes it has.


If it’s in The Mail, Peter, you can pretty much guarantee it isn’t true (and you can identify which newspapers don’t factcheck properly themselves by seeing if they repeat it).

See the discussion on ‘propaganda’ in the Ukraine thread for more examples !


Well, that’s always a good starting point, we’d probably all agree — but in this case (ignoring the fulminations of the DM writer), we can see what was written by the person doing the cancellation!


I hope I have taken your post the wrong way?

Some achieve excellence in both, of course.


I don’t know - how did you take my post?

Unfortunate and unnecessary.

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Ah, in that case I’m going to have to disagree.

To quote myself in another thread - Brits are an arrogant nation born of the fact that we mostly “won” the colonisation game. As a result we not only trample roughshod over the language of other cultures but we trample roughshod over their traditions as well., and we persist in thinking that they are somehow “inferior”.

Reappraisal of Aladdin is hardly news

Those who scoff at this [hello, Daily Mail] embody the right wing, unthinking, thug all too well.


Having not read the thread you referred to, but strange you feel that the majority of your fellow Brits would harbour that line of thought, my British friends and family never have.

At the risk of being contentious, shouldn’t that be “English” not “Brits”? :thinking: I’m not sure the Scots, Welsh or Irish look down on other nations of cultures.

On the wider issue, I think banning a pantomime is nuts. Particularly, as was mentioned above, with its very topical and positive transgender messages.

Ohhh, we’re being a bit edgy today :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


So you are telling me it’s not true ?

I’m with porridge

It seems to me that the current generation is hell bent on removing from society what they consider as wrong doings of the past. History is what it is for good or bad and people today cannot be held responsible for forebears actions.

If enjoying a panto or reading a bedtime story to my grandchildren which more often than not is probably loosely based on the ‘colonisation game’ makes me an arrogant brit then i must be guilty as charged.

The oxford dictionary describes a pantomime as
‘a theatrical entertainment, mainly for children, which involves music, topical jokes, and slapstick comedy and is based on a fairy tale or nursery story, usually produced around Christmas’.
Nothing more, nothing less.
In just a few posts this thread has turned into a right pantomime.

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Yes, I suspect that you have a point there.


[quote=“billybutcher, post:17, topic:41700, full:true”]

And the Welsh are thieves, the Irish are thick and the Scots are mean?


having seen an Aladdin panto as a child… all I can remember is the fun and laughter… and that the thought of a magic lamp had me spellbound…


I think we’re - well, some of us - are looking to justify a decision which is claimed to be culturally sensitive but was in fact financial.

Put the clues together and use your little grey cells! Cheap tickets, draughty village hall, fuel prices going through the roof …

It was cancelled because they couldn’t afford the heating of the hall.