Aldi - Life Tab and Medion LifeTab E10310

I was in Berlin a few days ago, during which time I got to see a close friend a couple of times. He is a computer system engineer, semi-retired and working as a consultant. Last Thursday his wife and he left for about 10 months in the Philippines. What he is doing there is helping people on one of the islands a long way from Luzon island and Manila to set up networks and use information technology. he has taken two tablets he bought from Aldi for €150 each. It is a Medion LifeTab E10310 that is normally about €300 that they had on special offer. He looked at their normal cheapo Life Tab E7310 that sells for less than €100 as well. He went to other people he knows who test hardware. The very cheap one is OK for games but little else, the battery has about half the life of all others. However the more expensive, despite battery life being shortish, seemed perfectly robust and user friendly for him to take to give to his people in the Philippines.

I have no idea whether the half price offer is available here in France, certainly Asda have them on a special offer in the UK, but not as low as the Aldi offer in Germany. I had no time to get to an Aldi store whilst there otherwise I might have bought one on chance. Apparently the offer is open until the middle of this month so I may get one of the people we were working with to pick one up for me if it seems worth it.

Does anybody know the tab and have an opinion? The prices are dropping rapidly, so is it worth chancing it just to save money?

Having played with the Onda all weekend & realised it won't self destruct taking my fingers with it if I 'push the wrong buttons' I'm now really getting the hang of the Tablet/Android system. I've got rid of/disabled nearly all of the Chinese stuff & replaced it with English. I've also re -arranged the desk top & installed a few useful apps & am LOVING IT :-) Shows you can teach an old dog new tricks! Great piece of kit. Thanks for the advice.

Thanks Brian, you're a gent. I've moved the blue browser one, got rid of the red games one & am now left with the orange & green un's. If I drag these to the top I'm left with the choice of 'Force stop ' or 'Disable' so I'm not sure what to do. Any ideas? None the less I'm slowly getting the hang of it & finding it brilliant. It boots up very much faster than my laptop & does everything & more that I need. I'll continue learning in between cursing it (me) for not behaving . There are so many 'tricks' to find out but each one learnt leads to another success. I've installed a 16 Gb SD card as advised & transferred some stuff to it . Onwards & upwards :-)

Thanks Brian. I'm sure I will eventually like it but at the mo. I'm just confused with lots of it. The fact that some of it is in Chinese doesn't help so I really don't know what to uninstall. The orange thing seems like a Chinese video store & the green one (2nd from right) seems like a Chinese play store. Both of these can only be disabled not uninstalled. What about all of these things which are continually running. Is this OK ? I'd read the manual but again that is in Chinese :-( Sorry to be a bore. If my questions are too much do say so & I'll try & Google some answers.

Wotcher Brian. I’m slowly fumbling my way around the Onda tablet & am well impressed with the screen clarity & lots of the functions. It’s even starting to recognise my Devonshire accent! Now I know about the localisation thing I’ll live with the French stuff on it. My most pressing problem is ’ what are the lefty hand & 2nd from right icons on the home Page as they are in Chinese ?’ What do I do with 'em? These are included in my questions to Krister yesterday. As you can gather, I have just about got enough knowledge of my Windows 7 but this Android stuff is a whole new ballgame :wink: I’ve taken a photo of the home page as I haven’t a clue how to do a screen shot on this thing !

Since these are in Chinese, they won't be of much use, I suppose. I doubt they are anything critical.
Of course you can test each app to maybe see what it is for. Then, to uninstall, you go to Settings, Apps, select the app and then Uninstall.

To install Google Play Store manually is a bit complicated, follow the instructions here:
Do the download of the package with the tablet, so that you don't have to worry about the transfer of file from PC to tablet.

Cheers Krister. Yeah, I've done the language & time set & Hola works fine for Iplayer etc. I've got email, web surfing & most things I need & most stuff is now in English. I am annoyed by 3 things (apps maybe) which I don't know what it is 'cos it's in Chinese ! They sit at the bottom of the page , one shows a white circle on orange with 2 white 'crescent' things,films maybe?, the other has a little white thing peering over a green fence? which appears to be a Chinese app store maybe. Another shows "Games center" but everything , games I think is in Chinese. The other 2 are 'settings' & UC Browser which are self explanatory. Can I get rid of the 'Chinese' stuff whatever it is & if so how do I do it ?

There are other other apps such as 'Pad' which I think is the user instructions & one showing a white 'L' on a blue background also in Chinese . These were on the m/c when it arrive & show they can be 'disabled' as against 'uninstalled'. If these things are important can I find English versions? HELP !!!

I suppose you have already set language to English and corrected the time zone.

To operate as if in the UK, I would install Freedome from F-Secure, GBP 21 /year
In the program you then just select UK as location.
But Hola does that already, doesn't it?

To uninstall Chinese apps, go to Settings - Apps, select the app and then Uninstall.

What more do include in "operate as if in the UK"?

Well it's arrived. 42 euros duty payable but so what! I ordered what I thought was going to be an English language version but it's still got a lot of Chinese stuff on it & we don't know how to get rid of 'em. I haven't a clue about the Android system but my guru (missus) has managed to get it going with some stuff I want so it's at least working. The instructions are rubbish so we're looking on the internet to find out how to change the Google Play store stuff to UK. We've managed to get BBC I player & ITV player working through Hola so that's cool. Anybody know how to get this thing to operate as if we're in the UK? Picture absolutely brilliant so I think it'll be a good piece of kit once we know how to operate it.

Onda is a good choice!

I'm sure it will be fine. Without your guidance I would have resorted to the virtual dart or a trip to Computers R Us where a spotty sales youth would have given me the benefit of his many years experience. Thanks again for taking the trouble to assist me.

Cheers Brian. I've ordered one. I'll let you know how I get on when (if) it arrives. It certainly looks the business to this luddite.

Fair enough Brian. So, when you buy a new tablet which one would you go for? ;-) I'm really floundering here. I fancy, but don't really need, a new toy & don't mind blowing 100 or so quid if it turns out to be rubbish but I would get have as good a chance of picking a good un if I threw a virtual dart at the list. What should I look for when choosing a tablet thing for nothing much more technical than web surfing stuff? My lap top is fine but makes me legs ache when I use it on my lap :-)

Yes, as Vic says (welcome back!) that is an interesting site. Hmmm. My friend has taken a couple of the small solar panels with him, he thinks they are fine having tested one this year for himself - mind you he paid nearly €100 for his. My OH is off to Cambodia for three weeks on Friday, so no dice this time but for future trips, especially with me getting back in the travelling 'saddle' (big, with wings type) it looks good. Clones can be good, better deals than the Medion from the looks of it too. I may just buy one for her nibs' birthday. She'll be my guinea pig as well as very pleased...

Interesting site Brian. I could do with a cheapo tablet for web sofa surfing. Any recommendations, without prejudice of course ? They all look the same to this luddite . I could do with a new phone (toy) as well !

I don't have experience of this particular tablet, but here is one review (not very flattering)

Since about a year and a half, I have this tablet
Excellent screen, fast processor, very good overall. And now the price is 90 euros lower than initially.