Alfie Evans

(Bill Morgan) #62

Well he is a sponsor James, suppose that does make a difference :slightly_smiling_face:


(James Higginson) #63

Makes a difference to what @Bill ?


(Bill Morgan) #64

To how offensive one can be?


(James Higginson) #65

Are you being serious?


(Bill Morgan) #66

Hope not James :wink:


(James Higginson) #67

If you think I am biased towards subscribers, why not give it a try? :wink:

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(Bill Morgan) #68

No, but I would happily pay a subscription, along with the other members, I realise You have associated costs, of course, It is a bit ‘odd’, though, this contributor/sponsor system :thinking:
Pity all this has unfortunately arisen on this particlar thread!

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(James Higginson) #69

Let’s continue via DM


(anon54681821) #70

yes being a patron / superfan gets me off with stuff that’s why i got this:

Hence why I deleted a post. Being a subscriber gets np special privelages when it comes to whats not allowed on the forums.

Now continualy taking the pee out of folks and referring to them as a wag is offensive which you seem to continualy aim to do, trying to maybe make me bite and comment so you can then complain about my retort to your offensive words. End of the day I told you last week to please stop abbreviating my name I do not like it and you apologised then you continue it here knowing full well I do not appreciate it.

Dunno @james what do you think to:

even though as I and others had said I do not like it and had asked him to stop (this was after I asked him to stop for a second time.

On the main note though it is starting debate over who should decide:


(David Martin) #71

I really cannot see how the ‘he’s a bit of a wag’ comment can be seen as anything other than a bit of humour.


(anon54681821) #72

Hi Dave.

back in the 1950’s maybe yes but bit before my time.

WAGs (or Wags) is an acronym used to refer to Wives And Girlfriends of high-profile sportspersons. The term may also be used in the singular form, WAG, to refer to a specific female partner or life partner who is in a relationships with an athlete.

is the definition nowadays and to point out im more annoyed at my name being changed. Hope that clarifies it Davey boy

Point being hes been asked by myself to not do either as I do not like it


(stella wood) #73

Oh dear… I thought that the words “chummy” and “wag” (and it was put in inverted commas) was a humorous reference to you and your doggy pals… :thinking:


(anon54681821) #74

however he ment it I have asked him not to previously


(anon54681821) #75

I had attempted to bring the topic back to its original content but it seems after al the complaining of the topic going off topic all people are interested in is the other topics anyhow.


(David Martin) #76

I know what WAG stands for but the word used was wag. Capital letters matter. My grandmother would often comment after seeing something humorous, ‘He’s a bit of a wag.’ I thought referring to Harry as a bit of a wag was clever word play as it referred to his own humorous username and I presume, business.
I suppose you are trying to be funny by referring to me as Davey boy. I could take offence but it’s interesting to see that you did it.


(anon54681821) #77

not at all i’m trying to show its a pain when people who you are not familiar with just choose to change your name. like if you said not to call you dave or davey boy and i continued to do so then it would be offensive, my name is Harry not arry or H or Harold or anything else.

Point being is previously not too long ago i pointed out to please not do so and he chose to redo it yet again, even if it was meant in humour I do not konw but reading his Previous replies on the thread id say not, it was a sad attempt to get me to bite and reply in temper to him which I chose not to. To wag lower case to be disapproving and the second version is essentially a heckler “well you only have 3 friends” kinda thing.

Latest update on Alfie though.

Archbishop of Liverpool expresses “deepest sympathy”
Archbishop of Liverpool Malcolm McMahon has expressed his “deepest sympathy” to Alfie’s parents.

In a statement made on behalf of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, he said: “I would like to express my deepest sympathy at this moment of loss to Tom and Kate as we hold little Alfie in our prayers.

“All who have been touched by the story of this little boy’s heroic struggle for life will feel this loss deeply. But as a Christian Alfie has the promises of God, who is love, to welcome him into his heavenly home.


(Véronique Langlands) #78

Wag meaning humorous person, as a reference to ‘wagtastic’, I thought.


(anon54681821) #79

well for me a wag is someone who uses humour in an attempt to offend others while friends find it houmourous others can be offended.

since wagtastic is an combination of wagging tail and fantastic


(Véronique Langlands) #80

A wag is surely just a joker or humorist as opposed to a wit, surely? I don’t think there is any specific intent to offend.
I think we had understood that ‘wagtastic’ is a portmanteau word and what its components are :slight_smile:


(James Higginson) unlisted #81