Alfie RIP Wee Fella!

Hope His family are allowed to grieve in peace :heart

Those young parents will need a lot of support as they grieve too, Bill. Without being pessimistic or gloomy, as well as bringing people together, bereavement has an equal but opposite emotional capability of sundering relationships, so they will almost certainly need specialist help for many months and possibly years.

They will inevitably be pestered by the media. It is not part of the practice of journalism to leave things alone, although the plea is worthy, history shows that is futile. They are the story, and the story will be told, whether the couple ccoperate or not.

I expect steps are already being taken to protect and support them, and one only hopes they are able to make the right joint decision on what support and protection they want… It’s not going to be an easy one, I reckon.

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