All of France salutes the bravery of Arnaud Beltrame

I’ve been watching the ceremony most of the morning… this reportage might be of interest to anyone who was not able to…


Tribute to a Courageous Man. :heart:

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The man is an authentic hero, of whom his countrymen and women will be rightly proud. I feel genuine sorrow at his passing, but also very uplifted at his willingness to risk his life to save the life of another. Gřeater love hath no man than this…


What a shame there are only two messages from SF to have a kind thought for the now late Colonel Arnaud Beltrame. How many of us are ready to give our life to save another person.

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I’m pretty sure that most folk were appalled at what happened… I only put the link so that everyone could watch the ceremonies… and 79 people have done just that. :relaxed: which makes the Link well worthwhile. :hugs:

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Stella i didn’t write the link wasn’t worth while just said that i was surprised to see three remarks written in honour of Arnaud Beltrame.Maybe i am attached to all military bravery because my husband was in the French Air force for many years.

Carol… no, I know you didn’t mean anything like that. it’s OK… :relaxed::hugs: