All the big shots in politics seem to be bad boys

Is this part of the image?

Or their great hunger for power and the trinkets?

More like afraid of nothing and no one...

Other qualities are ...being selfish, theatrical and impregnable.

It takes a very particular sort of person to undertake the woes of

the world. Take a look at each candidate and each leader....just a little


"testosterone" and that goes for half of the women in politics too... ;-D

It's all coming out now because of changes in the way polititians are judged but until recently everyone turned a blind eye to it. There really was a true vie privée/vie publique divide and even the journalists respected it - they all new about Mazarine but no one let the cat out of the bag. Unthinkable in anglosaxon society but yet another big cultural difference to the extent that if a politician wasn't having an affaire or doing dodgy business deals he wasn't worth his salt :-O