Allergie Sufferers Beware

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I’ve struggled for three months with the pollen. Normally not a problem, but this year :roll_eyes:

Pollen has bern around for how long? Why are people getting more alergies these days. Never knew anyone with nut allergies growing up yet now everywhere.

Hayfever has been around for a long time… certainly knew about it in my childhood.

As I recall nuts weren’t part of our diet during my childhood… the odd brazil nut at Christmas… and of course, the only ready-made stuff was the loaf from the baker.
Thus less liklihood of contamination of anything other than perhaps weevils in the flour (ugh)

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You must have seen the KP nuts behind many a pub bar? The occasional hay fever sufferer but not on todays scales. Peanuts are seeds not nuts but they do have that cpmpound that some are alergic to.

Can anyone recommend a good antihistamine available in France. My wife gets bad headaches from her sinuses. She finds piriton too mild and phenergon has too many bad side effects. She doesn’t like inhalers

Ha ha… not in my childhood…

Might be an idea for her to discuss with her Pharmacist and/or Doctor…

We bought these:

12 Months Supply Allacan Cetirizine Hayfever and Allergy Tablets 30 x 12 (30 x 2 in each box)

They ship to France - about £10 Inc delivery for 360 tablets.

I take cetirizine but you can buy it only in packets of 7 tablets for about 4.50€ at the pharmacie, and they’ll sell you 2 packets at a time max. So I buy it in Germany for about 12€ /100

I have had exactly the same thing this year, last year also - the doctor sent me for an MRI which just showed problems with sinuses.

Why do you think allergies are increasing ? They definitely are but why do you think that’s the case?
I do remember school friends suffering from hay fever quite badly

Yes my best mate and my brother both suffered for a few years but since grown out/adapted to pollen.
I know lots of people who are allergic to other things. At my old work place they had lists in the kitchen. Why do I think people are more subsceptible?
I believe its is due to our bodies dealing with a constant low level of foods with things we shouldnt be ingesting so it cant deal with the onslaight of other things. Just consider those who have ulcerative colitis. A 22 year old friends daughter in hospital with a flare up. Just look at the crap she eats! Seriously I would chuck the lot in the bin.
Proper vegetarians and keto fans know a reset of your systems makes these things go away.

And carpets especially fitted ones, hermetically sealed houses with insufficiently opened windows, Many more weird ingredients in all sorts of things. A friend of mine who is an anaesthetist told me there are massively more latex allergies than there were when she was first a Dr.