Alphabet challenge 2

Same as the last 1 but with a slight difference has to be in French with English translation next to it.

Household merchandise= articles de ménage

Start with A

assurance habitation = House insurance

Xanthine - a stimulant to help with asthma

yeux - eyes

and finally...

Zebra - Zebra (lol) thought I would continue with the 'easy translation' theme!

yaourt - yoghurt

xeres - sherry

wagonnier - rail truck

usine - factory

Toilette - toilet (just in case other people didn’t know - lol)

sceau - seal

quartier - area, district

pouffiasse - bitch

ouvert - open

Lumiere - light

My 13 year old oracle says it is indeed "caca" James.

Another K just to be sure

Kermisse - village fair

sorry that might be caca actually

kaka - poo

your all doin really well

jardin - garden (not sure I’ve got this right?)

interdit - forbidden