Amazed at how important a parking badge is becoming

I have been caught out applying for help and potentially being refused, because my natural tendency is to say "I'm fine, I can manage" when in reality, I break down in tears every time I can't find a parking space close enough to where I need to be. I find it hard to talk about how my handicap is bothering me, possibly because it's new to me, but I suspect those with a longer history of disability would say it doesn't get much easier with time.

I described to the MDPH, how I can "normally walk up to 200metres without pain", but forgot to mention that I can't walk back again, or that this only goes for once per day and after one try it becomes almost impossible and is unlikely after 11am anyway. It's very easy to be described as able bodied when your sitting comfortably in a chair recounting how well you can cope at your best. I quickly sent a letter after the assessment interview, to try to redress this and explain my real situation. I've yet to discover the results of the assessment, because for some bizarre reason they wait 3 months (could this be some sort of catholic insistence on waiting for a divine intervention? Sorry to dissappoint, but it's not happening, madame/monsieur!)

I never thought it possible to feel so abandoned. In limbo between two worlds, able-bodied and disabled. I especially would never have guessed in a million years, quite how important a disabled parking badge could be. It's like some valued passport to freedom or a magic golden ticket for charlie's chocolate factory, a way of regaining some semblance of self control in public. I think what it is that causes the most distress, is when you get caught out (trying to park in a disabled spot without a badge, or use a 10 minute space for a few minutes too long,) and you find yourself having to explain why. I just break down in tears every time I try to talk about it and when the "official" says no, it becomes even worse.

I've now concluded I have to be sensible. I must stay indoors until my badge arrives because I'm going to loose it (my fragile mind) completely and bash some poor traffic cop's head from sheer frustration. If my status is refused,BEWARE! lock up your traffic this space

I'd better not right now, Jo. Will explain later, okay?

Have super weekend.

perhaps you coukld try reposting the discussion about finding a carer onto this site?

YIPPEE and CONGRATULATIONS, Jo. I'm overjoyed for you, because it will help a lot.

Re: reporting people who park on blue spots, I ALWAYS talk to them first, ask if they really HAVE to park there, but when they tell me to etc etc or just don't give a damn, I put my wheelchair in gear 5 and OFF she goes!

By the by, I always have a scanned, plastified copy of the original in the car and keep the original in a safe place. They don't mind at all and I have been asked for my Carte d'Invalidité only ONCE.

Re companion carer? No. I'm on 2 hours a day with some help, six days a week, which costs me a fortune right now, but will be paid for by an insurance I am taking out. Two hours a day isn't much 'human contact' or social life, but... Well, that's the way it is. Quite depressing.

IT'S HERE!!! IT'S HERE!!!! I had to go up to Tours for some treatment -tomorrow in fact- so I rang the MDPH Poitiers in desperation as I couldnt face going all that way then having trouble parking after driving so far and it turned out my pass was about to be posted. So I drove into Poitiers IMMEDIATELY to collect it. I spent 2 hours scanning, editing the colours and resizing the printout, making a laminated copy of it too. Probably illeagal but sod it, sue me, I don't care and I know I'm likely to loose the original, or have it stolen.

I'm going to be a bolshi, radical, activist disabled person. Well, seeing as how i was a bolshi, radical activist able-bodied person, there'll be no change there then!

A thought does occur tho Ruth, I found myself getting irritated with people using "our" spaces too, but only last week, I was one of those people, but minus the badge!!!! I shan't be reporting anyone unless I've had a chat with them first because they might be in my own position. Also, if you looked at me walking you'd hardly tell I have a problem. It's only clear when I have to stop and stretch my back out, or lie down. When I walk, I walk really fast and strong, by striding along, to limit the time I have to stay upright for. I don't limp and I have really strong legs. Sometimes I walk with my hand on my hip to keep my back upright and I look like some flabby old hag trying to be a catwalk model. Probably causes a few sniggers

:) Did you find a companion carer you were looking for one a while back I think?

I truly hope your 'badge' came in, Jo. I know how you feel (or felt) and can only tell you that knowing you'll find a spot to park does help a lot, when coping with a handicap.

Only problem are those who don't care and park on the blue spots, just because they don't feel like looking any further. I have now reached the point that I immediately report them. AND I offer them my handicap! Both of them!