Amazing - up to €10,000 bonus for your old diesel car!

Has anyone applied for, seen, or read the small print on this?. I realise it's probably gatekept, just like every other 'good idea' funded by financially strapped economies, and suspect that if I apply for it to use as a business vehicule, I will be refused (hence what is the point, because who can afford a vehicule purely for personal use? I don't know anyone) but this is a remarkably bold, green idea that surpasses politics as we know it.



That' very handy to know thanks Richard

This is likely due to the newer car's digital software electronic control units. It is programmed for petrol only.

In the US there is current legislation being proposed to protect the maker's software as proprietary intellectual property. This means that independent garagistes will not be allowed under the hood and only the dealer's shop can make repairs. The vehicle owner will also be verboten to work on his own car. Needless to say this is a highly contentious issue.

If you are talking about the so-called "superbonus", my understanding is that:

1) your PX must be a diesel registered before 2005, which you have owned for more than a year and is insured (it can be personal or business)

2) the car you are buying/leasing must be < 110 g cO2 emitting petrol or electric

Hi everybody and i wish you a happy new year 2016.talking about changing cars, we havé a Citroën C4 which is a good solid car, but are thinking seriously about buying a hybride auto,we dont suite know which Mark to chose si of you havé any brillant idéals not the most expensive of course . All the best

Haven’t you sold your old diesel car yet Jo! Lol

We are not posh and have two cars (a Toyota Previa for us and the dogs & a Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland for us) that are both used for purely personal use, I also know many people who are retired that own either one or two cars and non of them are posh at all !!

you'll certainly see the reduction in your energy bills Norman - and I bet they'll look fab - keep trying, am sure you'll get them eventually - well i hope so anyway x

exactly so, and most small entrepreneurs, like me, need to use their personal car for business & visa versa, that's what I mean - what's the difference? and if you're into reducing your consumption, you do it everywhere don't you if you can?

and yes, like I said in the opening statement thingy - constrained by ever-tightening not ever-increasing finances. isuspect it's just a "funny scheme", because that's all our government can afford. After all, they arn't the ones holding the biggest purse strings anyway are they? But our financial system and it being the actual "broken society" or not, is possibly a discussion all of its own. I do declare I really think it rather is!


brilliant advice thanks Tobias. Yes, Andrew, it is aimed at getting rid of older ones - cos they're more likely to be inefficient I guess. Funnily, my blokey says that the newer petrol engines apparently dont convert to LPG as eficently as the older petrol ones - thats handy to know too tho we don't understand why.

Business or private use what is the difference? Is business better for environment? You can also drive 50 k km p.a. as a private person. This is just a funny scheme and these funds will be quickly exhausted even before a small financial effect on the environment is achieved. Same window dressing like the solar system on the roof (financing privately on a promise by a government was never a clever step... In the case of a e-car you will have to buy, or like in Israel to rent, all the time a new accumulator. Calculating the costs of my old Land Rover: consumption / performance ratio is still better then most new cars. Best example of what all this is about is the German "environmental premium" which was quickly called "scrapping premium", a government bonus of 2,500 euros and introduced as part of the economic stimulus package in 2009. 2010 this premium was finished due to empty funds.

Using your own car for your company use can be very good too. If you do 50 000 km a year and claim 0.4 euros/km off your company in expenses that adds up to 20 k€... The car is still "véhicule particulier" as you personally are buying it (as opposed to a company). Just be sure to mention professional use in your car insurance. As has been mentioned, have a chat with your accountant to find out which option is best for you.

Cynical old me, but if it sounds too good to be true, then it almost certainly will be. However on a more positive note it appears that as a decrepit and ailiing OAP (well the last bit's true) I can get help on the new windows in this old house. I will still believe it when I either see the reduction - without the quote being marked up in the first place to cover it, or cash to help pay.

Hi Jo, yep, I hadn't read the whole article but it does say clearly particulier so nothing for companies/business (probably because businesses run new/newer cars and this is aimed at getting rid of old ones - I can't think of many companies running 13+ year old cars...! ;-)

If I am remotely interested I taken in, which means that 99% and more of stuff in the world does not. Years of academic life means a having a memory and memory is survival in that big pool of sharks ;-)

hello Brian :) how on earth do u remember those names and details? You are a bit of a genius with them arn't you! have you been drinking coconut milk? its supposed to be really good for memory - but only, apparently, if we stop eating so many carbs? I have to say, I have been feeling a bit brighter since I started on it, tho it could well be the summer has arrived and put a spring in my bonce. I can't say I'm reducing those carbs yet tho - I am wandering off subject today. who cares. Its the weekend

but nice to finally meet someone posh enough for that. :)

I think there are two grants involved too. as usual its all as clear as mud the more you look into it (I seem to remember it being almost as bad in the uk tho) almost a decade ago now - oooo the distant memory of it all :)

Hello Andrew :) I thought that "vehicule particulier" might mean that they are only giving it to people who use the vehicle for personal use. are you saying that this does mean anyuse except carrying paying pasangers?

Yes, I think I like the idea of leasing, I will look into it more, but I don't have an accountant yet. I shall put it on my list of things to mention tho thats a really good idea