Amazon closes French Warehouses

Not sure if this is new or old news, but could explain those waiting for deliveries.

Just received this email…

Chère cliente, cher client,

Depuis le début de l’épidémie de COVID-19 nous sommes mobilisés pour vous servir.

Nous sommes perplexes quant à la décision du tribunal de Nanterre qui ne nous laisse pas d’autre choix que de suspendre temporairement l’activité de nos entrepôts en France, en dépit des preuves concrètes des mesures de sécurité mises en place pour protéger la santé de nos salariés sur tous nos sites. Nous faisons appel de cette décision.

Néanmoins, nous continuerons de vous donner accès aux produits dont vous avez besoin, grâce à la solidité de notre réseau de distribution mondial et aux entreprises indépendantes qui vendent sur, sans restriction de catégorie .

Concrètement, vous pouvez continuer à commander et recevoir tous les articles affichés comme disponibles sur Les délais de livraison affichés sur le site sont ajustés.

Nous regrettons cette décision rendue par le tribunal et faisons tout notre possible pour limiter l’impact potentiel sur les milliers d’entreprises françaises qui vendent sur, nos collaborateurs et nos partenaires . Nous avons demandé à nos collaborateurs de rester chez eux cette semaine et continuerons de leur verser leur plein salaire.

Nous remercions l’ensemble des collaborateurs qui sont restés mobilisés pendant cette crise ainsi que les nombreux clients qui nous ont manifesté leur soutien et exprimé comment modestement nous contribuons à les aider dans ce contexte exceptionnel.

Nous restons à vos côtés. Prenez soin de vous.

Frédéric Duval - Directeur général,

You can order from which has an English language site.
I am sure that Amazon will also be doing its best to get itself up and running.

We’re not buying anything from Amazon during lockdown… though I know folk who have been…

only essential purchases allowed in our household… and it is amazing what is suddenly not so essential after all… mind you… onions… do amazon sell onions (only joking)

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Thank you for (nearly) the best typo of the day. I know they say they supply everything from A to Z but really…!

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I’m glad I’m not the only one who has seen that

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:rofl: :rofl: I’ve corrected the spelling… just in case anyone was tempted to change it to something else… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :wink: :zipper_mouth_face:


I have. Yesterday I took delivery of a €25 tool that will allow me to do some bodywork repairs on my car over the next four weeks. It’s a time consuming process and being able to occupy myself productively will do my mental well being a lot of good. Far more important than a lot of things that I could pick up on my weekly visit to a local supermarket.


Sounds like you have just what you need to keep you sane over the next few weeks… :slight_smile:.

I can hardly remember what a supermarket looks like… :rofl:

Allot of the sellers on amazon France are not actually in France I buy allot from amazon but for me their mostly coming from outside of France tools and things like that I buy food too and it comes from the uk ore Germany

Many of the items that I’ve ordered fro the U.K. or France come directly from the Amazon depot at Orleans.

We were just talking about this at lunchtime. There is so much emphasis being placed on mental health but, just at the time when you are at home and could do those jobs you have never had the time to do, the DIY sheds are closed, leaving you totally frustrated. Not much good for your mental health when you are stuck at home looking at the walls which you could be repainting and doing something creative and useful


It depends if you are buying from a sellers that have FBA with amazon ore not

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Have tried eBay France instead

I’ve just ordered a tronçonneuse thermique from Manomano and they indicate likely delivery between 21 and 27 april.

But what year though Peter? :grinning:


Actually I’ve been amazed at the variety of stuff I’ve been able to buy online recently that has been as swiftly delivered as before the lockdown (and most of it not through Amazon, but direct from suppliers). In the past week, I’ve had green peppercorns, a replacement hammock from Germany (for the one eaten by rats) and last, but not least two secondhand books from the US. In both the latter cases the very low postage was still more than the actual cost of the hardback book in excellent condition. I usually buy through Abebooks, which is a worldwide online association of independent s/h bookshops thar are often much cheaper but are also an ethical alternative to Amazon. They have an excellent search engine that one can refine by country, hardback, first edition etc.

I think my best Abebooks’ bargain to date is a beautifully bound, 1925 edition of Vasari’s, * quattrocentesco (C15th) Lives of the Artists, which cost 1€ from a bookshop in Nice. Not only was it printed on handmade paper, but the pages were uncut - ie. it had never even been read. If one loves books, good quality antique editions can be remarkable value. The downside is that I recently valued my mother’s Complete Works of Dickens, which are over eighty years old, about 16 volumes, beautifully bound in Morocco leather and gold leaf, and printed on fine quality paper - probabably worth about £70!

We don’t need Amazon when we can go directly to the seller.

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Amazon is the parent company of AbeBooks which has been a subsidiary since 2008.
A lot of sellers sell on both Abe and the Amazon marketplaces.

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Oops - didn’t know that as Abe operates outside the Amazon website, but nevertheless, by buying secondhand one is supporting independent booksellers mainly in small towns around the world.

When I buy a book I check the s/h prices on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Abe because prices and also postage, particularly from the US, vary enormously.

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