Amazon Fire tv

Anyone using the above - the spec looks much better than our droid box.

We have had a Firestick for a few months now and we like it very much, easy to setup and use, we have a VPN so we can also get all the Amazon Prime benefits. Highly recommend it :slight_smile:

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Mike, can I ask which VPN you are using please? Thanks

I use “Unlocator”, good price and work flawlessly. Because I set the IP Addresses provided on my ASUS Router, the Firestick, computers, tablets etc can all access things easily.

Hope this helps.

Is that an easy setup on your router @Mike_Longhurst? Wondering if it would work with a Livebox which has limited software access?

Unfortunately it cannot be done on the livebox. I have my ASUS configured using the Unlocator VPN and the ASUS is simply connected to the Livebox and tunnels through that. My ASUS was quite expensive but you can use some quite cheap Routers to set up the VPN.

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I did have it setup on on a router by StrongVPN for a while but Netflix did something to stop that working so I gave up on it!

I have installed an application called KODI on the Amazon Firestick and with some other applications I have installed from the internet I can watch every movie ever made, including all the latest ones in 750, HD or 1080, every TV program and every SKY Channel…all for free and installing the software took me all of 30 mins. If you type KODI on Youtube you will see what I mean. :slight_smile:

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