Amazon vs Visa

There are other threads on here discussing this but I thought it was important to succinctly set the record straight. Prior to Brexit Visa could only charge a service fee of 0.3%, now post Brexit they charge 1.5%.

Given the corrupt UK Government hasn’t the courage to address this rip off, thank goodness the monopolistic Amazon has. LoL


Visa have been increasing service fees all over the world and that’s naff all to do with Brexit.

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Not true Tim. The move from the EU legislated 0.3% to 1.5% is only possible by Brexit.

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Tim, I think you struggle with accepting that Brexit is a disaster and that the Cabinet is populated with sycophantic, incompetent arseholes. Once one comes to terms with that I find everything slots into place,


You are doing it again John, please read what I have posted.

What has that got to do with Brexit?

I just bloody explained Tim. Before Brexit the UK was tied into the EU controlled 0.3% credit card charge. Post Brexit Visa UK could charge whatever the wanted and being greedy bastards hence 1.5%. Amazon has told them that UK Visa cards will not be accepted after January 19th and good show IMO.

The same shit is happing with roaming charges.


VISA are an American company who have subsidiaries all over the world. If you live in Singapore and apply for one of their cards it will be supported by and governed by the rules of VISA Singapore and they will set the service charges not VISA UK, please tell me you understand that.

You’re wrong Tim. I started to explain why but II decided if you can’t be arsed to the situation why should I be arsed to explain it to you.

Here’s the hint…… Visa UK :crazy_face:

But what’s your (subtle) point? - answers must not include the B word (just for an additional challenge!)

What has VISA Singapore’s or VISA Australia’s decision to raise service charges in those countries got to do with Brexit John.

If you bothered to read the link I posted you’ll see that Amazon have decided to almost wage war against VISA worldwide with VISA UK the latest company to get the ‘eff off’ treatment.

I have never thought or said that Brexit will be anything other than a economic disaster for the UK but you cannot blame it for every business decision that companies make. VISA UK weren’t forced to raise their charges because of Brexit but have merely chosen the freedom from EU rules to fleece customers.

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Different sides of the same argument IMHO

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It’s Rexit Mat :joy:

But Tim, if the UK was still in the EU Visa wouldn’t be able to raise their charges.

If we’re talking about VISA UK service charges I agree 100% but that is irrelevant to what VISA subsidiaries are able to do in other countries.

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I don’t care what Visa does in other countries Tim, it’s my HSBC UK Visa card I’m thinking of. If Brexit hadn’t happened then Visa couldn’t have jacked up their fees by 400%. I’m glad Amazon is going after them, but in reality it should be the UK Government. 400% fee increase with zero extra cost, that’s scalping IMO.

Why should they get involved in a spate between a credit card provider and a retailer?

This thread is getting very odd, it’s like two entirely different conversations are going on at once.