American on the riviera

I know there aren't many of us (americans in France, more specifically on the riviera), but it is fun and can be interesting to make contacts with the few that are here.

I am a retiring (in the process of) american, grew up in Texas with a french mom, which explains my return to the "motherland". Though my career here has been very satisfying, the change in situation leads one to re-think one's goals. I consider myself still active in many ways, no longer responsibility laden-ed but nevertheless busy. I have 2 teen age kids ( a 25 yr old by a first marriage), a diverse background, and am mobile.

I remain open to anyone and everyone who'd be interested in getting together for a drink, discuss business, ideas or whatever ???

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John, I hope for yourself that you are able to continue whatever professional activity you had in Seattle here in France. The Dordogne region is beautiful and if you're able to bring your lives together without sacrificing either of your careers, you have achieved a great and rare feat and I congratulate the both of you !


Hi Frank! I am an American from Seattle. I disposed of all of my American belongings to be with my French girlfriend. I have been here (Dordogne region) 6 months and I am adjusting slowly and quite well.