Amount showing on impôt to pay

Hi there i am working on smic since September 2019. I declared online impôt this time. However it says rester à payer €30 14
Further more today i see instalment plan of septembre 2020 €760
October 2020 €760
November 2020 €760
December 2020 €761
Will be deducted from my account, as i provided the rib.
My question is since i am working on smic, isn’t that this amount been paid by my employer. Why i need to pay this?
Please help me understand Thanks

You are presumably single with no dependents, so you pay more tax than eg a person with a load of children to support (etc, etc). If in doubt talk to your centre des impots. :blush:


Yes i am single. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

If you earned more than 14610 in the year, you will pay tax.

However, is the amount showing to pay income tax or social charges? As even on SMIC levels of pay you have to pay cotisations. The annual gross amount for a full time 35h job on SMIC is 18 473 €, but the cotisations will take it down to 14 623 €

If it is not clear talk to your tax office.


yes i will go and ask. Thanks for your time and explanation. 1218.63 per month makes it 14 623 its just few euros more. Anyway thanks :blush: :+1: