Amusing phone call

On this miserable wet day here in Miramont, the phone rang about 15 mins ago and my wife answered. The conversation went as follows:

Man on phone: Hello ma'am. I am 'so and so' from windows XP. Now just go and turn your computer on.

Maggie: I do not have a computer.

Man: Now just go and turn it on.

Maggie: I don't have a computer.

Man: No ma' just go and turn your computer on.


Man: You must go and buy one now and turn it on.

Maggie: I'm not going to buy one.

Man: Why? have no money?

Maggie: No I don't.

Man: No?....well can I send you some?

Maggie: No thank you.

Man: Well...can I buy one for you?

Maggie: No thank you. Goodbye.

Just the other day:

Telephone rings and I answer "Hello?" Response (in French) "Ah, I don't speak English, I will pass you over to someone who speaks English"

So I wait and then (in English with very strong accent) "How old are you pleeeeze"

Me - "Who are you?"

Man - "Wayne" (well, that's what it sounded like)

Me - "What do you want?"

Man - "Oh never mind" and then hangs up the phone.

If they are going to scam people then they might also try to convince them that whatever they're trying to do... Nah, I give up.

Last one anything like that we had a couple of weeks back, I heard what he had to say then responded in German. Hew clearly sussed me but when he recalled, or at least somebody on the same number, I handed the phone to my OH who replied in Italian. We have not had any calls, not even PV, since :-D