An AE needs to rent an appartment - is that even possible?

Hello All,

I have recently seperated from my husband and as a result need to find a new appartment for me and my son as this one is now too expensive to maintain. The problem is that, I have an AE status, I am a freelance translator and that seems to set the landlords back. They usually base their rejection on unregular income, unstability etc. However, it is not a case, since I work for several clients on daily basis and have pretty stabile income every month.

I was wondering if anyone know/has been in the same situation and what to do about it.

Also, if I will have to use an Estate Agency, what papers they are likely to ask for, I would like to start to put a Tenant's File together. What abut references from previous Landlords, I don't have one from France, can I translate and use UK ones?

Please help!

Many thanks in advance.


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for that. I am starting to get a general idea that this is going to be a very long and tiring process to get a flat. The thing is that, it does not really make any sense as in reality I earn quite well and work for some clients on daily basis, basically, my situation is much more stable in reality than someone working for an employer, as they can be made redundant any moment. This is just crazy and incredibly frustrating.

As you suggest here, I am looking at the private landlords to rent with, as I don't really want (or can afford to) pay the agency fees. And I also get an impression that it will be easier to go through private route.

For the dossier, where should I start? Bank statements? Landlord references from UK? Proof from CAF (I also get RSI), any ideas on this?

Thanks Andrew. ;-)

Hi Signe

It'll depend on the proprio, I've rented privately without regular income/CDI but it isn't easy. Difficult going through agents - most won't even consider you unfortunately. Persistance is the best bet, look through the adverts on leboncoin and contact the private ones. I was an AE translator and teacher and I know how it's viewed even though my clients included the CCI and an IUT! We're renting at the moment as we're in the process of selling our last place and the dossier we needed to put together for the proprio was incredibly detailled due to the exigences of their insurers/insurance (against non payment) eventually requiring letters and predictions from out accountant...!

Bonne chance ;-)