An alternative to Facebook.. can it be

Some people started throwing this around on Facebook, and those people not being the types to try every social networking site going.

It turns out is it better than google+, and Facebook, because it is OWNED by it's members. Every member getting a share. The network is set to be democratic, although still in the early stages.

I'm not one for getting into every site going, but I'm going to flick around thizs one, and see how it all works. One thing is for sure, data mining is a tiresome term.

Have a looksee.

Before anyone says anything, No, in my opinion, the two serve very different purposes.

The link I left above IS an invitation. I've joined, getting used to it, finding my way around. I'm not going to upload az ton of pictures and all that till I actually know I'm going to stay.

The people I heard about this from are from both the occupy, and anonymous group, I think if it were a scam, they of all people, would know.

Zoe, it's in beta and you need an invitation to join/look at it.

However, doing a quick search on the internet you might want to have a look at these pages, it's not just a social interaction site they are offering the purchase of shares in it. Ownership and profit for all and how they would like their network to be, is how they describe it.

The owner has already done this with a magazine which appears has not gone too well.

So I suppose it's a wait and see.