An asylum seeker looking for a job

Dear all user
I am an asylum seeker in paris from Bangladesh. My second language is English. So, it’s very hard for me to find a job in France, though I am a French learner. It would be so great if anyone in here will suggest me a job or offer me a job where French is not mandatory. I find some hope after finding this blog. Atleast I may find some people whome I can communicate and explain my situation. I hope someone will reaponse me and help me to find a job. I will be so grateful if anyone do so. I have some experience of working in kitchen but I am hard worker. So, I will be able to do any hard work. Thanks to you all for your kind time and read my pos

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Ami, I sympathise with your situation. You say that you are an asylum seeker so presumably you have not yet been granted refugee status.
Unless you have refugee status it is illegal for someone to employ you here in France.
There must be somewhere in Paris that can give you advice as to what you can do with regard to your personal status.
I live in Burgundy, so am no help there.
Good luck.


Dear jane, thanks for your kind concern. sometimes I feel so sad to be an asylum seeker in a foreign country. but when I find some people as like you then I’ve got some hope to be survived. Once again thank you very much for your concern.

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