An expensive ORANGE

Here´s an annoying tale of waste. I use Orange for phone and internet and pay monthly for a full package. My Mother who now lives back in the UK was originally paying Orange internet by DD from her French bank account whilst living in our previous French holiday home. My Father had arranged the contract with Orange but the DD came from Mums account. Dad died suddenly in 2007 and the holiday home was sold. Unfortunately, Mum did not write to Orange to cancel the 20 euro per month contract for internet and has just noticed that the charge has been coming out monthly...oh dear Mum! I have now written to cancel the contract but don´t hold out much hope of a refund as I guess it was up to us to cancel the policy which auto-renewed every year. Lesson learned Mum...check your statements more thoroughly and question things more!

It will differ from one assistant to another and from one shop to another. If they don't know what they are doing (or it is 5 minutes from lunch time and they can't be bothered) the computer won't print the receipt. You wouldn't know of course that it is supposed to until you mention it to somebody who has done this before and got a reciept. This is why I recommend you send it back by post with proof of delivery. Once they have received it then it is not a problem for you if they loose it internally or don't print off a Goods Inwards receipt etc as you have signed proof it arrived.

You can of course also stop the DD. You need to send a copy of the contract, any proof you have of giving it back and a letter explaining why you want to cancel your DD to your bank. I have only done this once and it cost me (at the time) around 16 Euros.

Thanks…yes I keep my boxes as well…always wise here. R

Al , when we returned our Livebox at the Orange shop the employee entered it in the computer and it printed a receipt with the phone number the equipment name and the date, when I wrote asking for my refund I sent them a copy of the return receipt .

A tip if I may, learnt from experience.

Never return equipment to an Orange shop if you cancel your contract. If the shop assistant does not enter the information correctly you can end up in a mess with you claiming you gave it back and Orange claiming they never received it.

Always keep your original packaging, this can also be required if you have to exchange a faulty unit.

Always conduct your communications via registered letter (quoting your contract number and phone number) and if returning equipment then by the registered Colissimo method. You should also include a copy of your contract and a letter.

I appreciate this does not help you but it may help others in the future.

I don't know why but the French have almost an obsession with original boxes when it comes to returning things even if just for repair under warranty. We keep all ours down in the garage and every year I go through them and throw out the ones that have gone past the warranty. I also keep the receipts (delivery notes etc) in the boxes for safe keeping.

Good luck, I hope it works out well for you.

Wow! Just shows you eh? Well not received a reply yet and I did mention in my letter that my Dad died and it had been an oversight as Mum had a lot on her plate at the time. We will see:)

Ralph, have you received a reply from Orange regarding a refund ? Orange had continued to charge us rental fees for the live box that we had returned to the Royan office, when we changed provider, they had continued to take fees out of our bank account, I wrote twice to Orange and they wrote back saying they owed me a refund and I would be refunded, well no money was put in our bank account I wrote a second letter same thing I received another short letter from the same person telling me I would be refunded , for several months I looked for that refund in our bank account and was ready to give up when 1 year and 10 months later the refund was there in the account. So don't give up.