An Important Amendment to the Meaningful Vote on the 29th February that Concerns Us All

I have had my attention drawn to this very important matter by ECREU, which is a valued and secure site for UK citizens in the EU.

Conservative MP, Alberto Costa is putting down a carefully worded amendment to guarantee citizens rights regardless of the outcome of Brexit. The amendment will be to the Prime Minister’s meaningful vote motion on February 26th .

This is the amendment:

‘This House considers the prime minister’s statement of 26th February and requires the prime Minister to seek at the earliest opportunity a joint UK-EU commitment to adopt part two of the withdrawal agreement on citizens rights and ensure its implementation prior to the UK¹s exiting the European Union, whatever the outcome of negotiations on other aspects of the withdrawal agreement.’

It is reported to have cross party support, but it is vital that all MPs are encouraged to get behind it. So please write to your MP and ask him or her to vote for Mr Costa’s amendment ,­ your future life in the EU could depend on it!
This is what we need and I urge you to contact your MP and ask all your friends to do the same so that they can support this amendment.
This could be a life saver for us.
A copy of the letter written by British in Europe and the 3 million can be found at this link.
You can download the BiE letter here:

Thank you.


“A smart new amendment looking to guarantee citizens’ rights even in the event of no-deal is doing the rounds in Westminster. It’s picking up support from across the Tory party - from ERG types to the moderate wing, making it highly likely to pass. It’s a skillful bit of legislative footwork.”

But I don’t have an MP since I’m a French resident?

Me neither- I didnt get a vote either as have been here more than 15 years. Could write to TM l suppose - can’t do any harm.

I have followed this on Facebook and Parliament protocol says that if you are not a constituent then MP’s will disregard anything you send them and will not reply so better to just add your name to any letters sent by organisations.

Well Alberto Costa is/was my MP so I intend to send him a “thankyou” email…I’m also going to ask my 3 kids to write to their MPs…

I’m actually quite gladdened that a Tory MP right in the heart of England is thinking about us…x :slight_smile:

The whole point of this is you contact your own MP who will be voting on this amendment.
So please do so.

You still have an MP in UK.
You just do not get to vote for them
Please contact the MP in your last constituency and explain that you have lost your vote because ypu have been out of UK for more than fifteen years, but thst this is very important for all of us.
You can explain any of your personal circumstances in your e mail.

I am surprised that so many people do not understand that you still have representation in UK even though you have been away from UK for more than fifteen years.
The MP in your last constituency is your MP if you retain UK citizenship.

Yes I understand that but my comment was as a reply to people who were resident in France and had been recommended to send emails to MPs.

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Yes you may have a right of representation but if you are not on the Electoral Register for an area a local MP is not your representative.

.post withdrawn

Dan I think you are on the mark here.

In the end the decision about EU expats will be down to the host countries and/or the EU as a whole. I don’t know if this will be any sort of an issue in the upcoming EU Elections in May, but it should be worth the effort to find out who are standing in your areas and contact them.
If enough make the effort then at least those who get elected will be aware of the feelings. I do understand that most will be unable to vote, but stressing the economic benefits brought by resident expats - local taxes, encouraging tourism, restoring life to many communities etc., etc. might be more effective?
Sorry but I agree with other posts that relying or hoping on anything from UK Parliamentarians falls under the heading of wishful thinking in my view. No harm in trying I suppose, but maybe dragooning your UK voting families to make the contact could be worthwhile.

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I still send e mails so that the MP involved is aware of the feeling surrounding a particular subject.
I do not expect a reply but when an MP is receiving a lot of support or concern surrounding a certain situation, they are in a better position to consider how to vote.
Doing nothing is not a real option if someone is trying to change your way of life.
For instance, my MP took place as the Labour spokesman on a debate generated by a Government Petition that if there was No Deal Brexit would be withdrawn.
His position was just that of his Party, even though he now represents a Remain constituency.
I wrote to the local paper pointing this out and the editor published my letter, which did not please my MP.
It is important that electors know where his sympathies lie.
When sending an e mail to your MP, even though you cannot vote for him, she/he will still take notice of your comments.
Pointing out how No Deal affects us personally can really make a difference,
The MP in your last constituency is obliged to take up your concerns as much as if you still lived in that constituency if the matter raised concerns a British problem.
Pointing out where you were last registered to vote will help.

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Jane, you are quite correct - fancy me forgetting about writing to the Press!

This is an area where the local press really do come into their own, well done for pointing it out.

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I think that would pre-suppose he would have either the time or inclination to check that out? Don’t get me wrong I think any and all pressures that can be brought to bear are worth it - well mayb not ALL that spring to mind, but all that are legal.

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Jane - well done for getting your views published - that may have far more effect.
However I suggest your views on what MPs are required to concern themselves with are flawed.
If you are resident in France then I would suggest that your views should be addressed to The British Embassy in Paris - surely it is in their remit to be the conduit between British subjects and the U.K. government? Our views are different and I do not wish to enter into a long dialogue so will not comment any more.

Thanks for pointing that out Jane - l will therefore still be writing to TM as she was and still is the MP for my old constituency.

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Are you saying that you live in France and voted for Brexit?

Been living outside UK for a long time but I have a mother a brother and even one or two contacts I could approach for this. Surely I’m not the only one. If it’s a standard letter I could ask them to copy and post.

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