An Online Market Place for European & French Removals (Sponsored Post)

An Online Market Place for European & French Removals

Moving goods between the UK and France wasn’t a new experience for the founders of Having made the move across the English Channel themselves back in 2006 they know only too well how difficult it was to find a reliable removal service without paying the earth.

The RoadAhead is a basic comparison website dedicated to European and French removals. Now in the 8th month of trading there has been a great reaction and the site has put 100’s of customers in touch with reputable European removal companies who they may not have found by just searching the web themselves.

It’s a fact that 1 in 4 removal trucks travelling across Europe today is travelling empty. By posting your removal job on site you will get quotes from removal companies with room onboard trucks going your way anyway. This means lower prices for the customers and less congestion on our roads.

How does it work?

The website is free to use. It takes about 60 seconds to complete the simple quote form and you will receive an email once your removal job is live. After this you will start to receive quotes and questions from removal companies who are interested in helping you with your move.

You can message back and forth with the removal companies until you’re happy you have found the right one for you. There are no hidden costs! If you accept a quote for £100 that’s all you pay.

The site strives to be as easy and quick as possible to use and has already received some great reviews from its 500+ users.

Author:Julie Coburn (G+)

Also try Anyvan or Simply both doing the same thing - and have been at it a long time

Great idea. I'm not in the market for removal services now but I've saved the URL for eventually when I will need them.

Great feedback Suz, I'm glad this is proving useful!



had a great response 8 quotes so far! Prices vary by 100% which is interesting, I like the fact you can view their feedback, their insurance details etc and also you can message with the bidding companies to clarify information which is then posted publicly so you don't get the same questions multiple times. Definitely a site I would use for quotes when I want things moving especially if you are flexible with dates. I have an idea now of how much it will cost to move our contents and I'm thinking I'd better start selling more on Ebay! I wonder how much I'll get for the kids! Joking :)

Thanks James - I've just done a quote to see how much I get for moving the contents of the London flat which is mostly kids stuff! to France. I'm hoping it's less than the cost of the items I want to move or else Darren will be wanting to bin all the kids toys!