And it continues

Found on our terrace at 8pm, in the dark crying on his own - thank you the couragious people who saw fit to leave him to fend for himself. we are extremely worried for the mother who must be in a worse state than he is!

Here he is, little rascal, Tyzer, looking and feeling a lot better. In fact, he just needed good food a little care, not too much to ask!!

We have such fantastic support and give heartfelt thanks to you all for motivating us when we are feeling down. We found what is probably a brother or sister dead on the road too, so they don't all make it! Ron, my husband, took photos and they are horrible but just as evidence if we should evr find these heartless idiots!

Oh poor little sausage. Thank God you found him Lynn. I agree, it just goes on. My sister in law is back up to 16 cats now. She just cannot turn them away. The vet gives her a good price for castration and we all muck in with the food and other needs. I cannot bear to think how things would be without people like you and her and others on this site who do so much. My love and admiration xx

Lynn, I am outraged like you, I send support, admiration and a check in the mail tomorrow. You do such wonderful work, you make an enormous difference in animals' lives and you inspire us all to be more active (and then we inspire others). Darling little baby is in safe hands now. Blessings to you all.