And it's Goodnight from him

Ronnie Corbett dies aged 85.

Blackberry. Another classic.

I used to deliver his milk many many years ago, 2nd to last call on the round. Guess he is on a different Fairway now. Best wishes to Anne his lovely wife." style="border: none; text-decoration: none;" alt="Image" height="80px" width="80px"/>


The "four candles" sketch

An absolute classic. Watch Ronnie C's face

My first ever recollectio of Ronnie C was this classic sketch from The Frost Report

Yes Diana, all those classic comedies you mentioned plus The Clitheroe Kid and probably oodles of others...

I propose I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue as the funniest radio programme ever.

That sketch in the ironmongers is probably the funniest ever written. Pure genius for the writing alone, but the way the 2 Ronnies performed it was the highest ever point in British comedy and despite the fact we can all recite it we laugh just as much now as we did the first time we saw it. We are reaching the end of an era in comedy. The BBC repeats now provoke a chorus of "he's dead!" (if only I could recall which comedy show featured that) and apart from Lee Mack I can't think of any of the current generation who are as versatile as the oldies we have been losing over the last few years. Am I the only one who finds current TV and radio comedy dire?

We still laugh at The Navy Lark, The Men From the Ministry, Dad's Army, Porridge, Open All Hours, Bob Newhart, all the old stuff. However I find few programmes now that I think will be funny in five years time, let alone fifty.

So, please reply with your favourite shows or sketches and cheer us all up as we say farewell to someone who gave so much pleasure for so long.

I propose the Dead Parrot Sketch, "What did the Romans do for us" from Life of Brian, and The Driving Instructor.

Nominations, please!

From the Two Ronnies:
Barker: There now follows a sketch featuring ghosties and ghoulies.
Corbett: In which I get caught by the ghosties…
Barker: And I get caught by surprise!

Fork handles.

I was surprised that he was so old actually.

Sad news though.

Loved his comedy :)