And now.....some GOOD news!

I'm fed up with hearing bad news stories and negativity what with the global financial problems, terrorist threats, migrants et al.

Why can't we have a topic with only good news ? Surely there must be some good things happening in the world or even 'chez vous' ?

My good news is the weather will be better today where I am, i'm in reasonably good health and lucky enough to not have any great money problems. My son and partner are doing ok and my next door neighbour's PSA level is stable.

North and South Korea have signed an agreement to ease tensions, Cuba has now allowed the USA to reopen an embassy in Havana and dipmomatic relations are improving between Iran and the UK.

England won the Ashes and my team are not bottom of the league, yet. Also great news from FIFA .In a BBC interview yesterday Sepp Blatter said these words "The institution is not corrupt, there is no corruption in football, there is corruption with individuals"

Oh happy days !

More good news Sir Sepp has been found out. Even better news will be when he and that parasite Platini are thrown in the slammer for a few years...

Did the sainted Sepp include himself amongst the names of corrupt individuals?

More good news from West Africa as Guinea becomes the latest nation to be declared 'Ebola free' leaving only Liberia the only country officially affected.

The freeing of Ramadi from ISIL by the Iraqi forces has been hailed as a great victory in the war against Islamic State. The Iraqi government has vowed to rid it's borders of ISIL in 2016 with the northern town of Mosul the next target of the allies.

Yes hopefully John. Saying that I don't believe a cure has yet been found but as you say, we are learning more by the day. It's amazing what the WHO, MSF etc etc have acheived over past couple of years. A lot of dedicated people trying to sort out this horrible disease.

Hopefully a lot has been learnt and drugs developed so when it rears it’s head again it can be zapped quickly.

It's been a while but at last there is some very good news.

The World Health Organization has declared Sierra Leone an Ebola free country.

After seventeen months and over 4000 deaths the country was in carnival mood yesterday as the WHO declared no news cases of transmission occuring in the country over the past 42 days.

Some hope for the rest of the continent maybe ?

Yes Barbara, I think the figure was 77 million visitors last year with the 80 million + figure for 2015. France is still the most popular tourist destination. It's a big country with something for everybody I think.

Very good year for Tourism in France.

That is very good news.

Tell me Peter! se my PM.

'Heating' ???

Nobody puts their heating on in august !!!

Well, only in Iceland or Alaska maybe !

Thata always bad news Bruce, that they dont serve full term, so whats point of the sentance term stated I always ask, tho I do believe in rehabilitation and resettlement of offenders.

Thanks Peter and well done you! Send sun here, im having elec heating on a little, in day and eves for a few days now.

That is good news Shirley, good luck with your son.

Good news for me is the drop in temperatures. I don't mind the heat but it's nice to have a breather before it warms up again.

More good news is i've just stocked my wood for the winter. The purchase of a woodburner last year was a good move as I received a 600€ rebate on my gas bills !

Also received a 360€ cheque from the GAN for a claim made two weeks ago so i'm a happy bunny..

Personal good news for me, just had email from one of my daughters in law, we’d all lost touch cos I lost all their contact info on computers when they went wrong. Grandaughters school passed my message on! G D passed all A’s going to Bath Uni next month! Both grandsons Graduated this year. And hope to talk to my son again soon!

good news week .....was when Jonathon King got 7 years for molesting kids and bad news when he was out in less than 4!

Really good!

Hopefully not....

the only cheery news this week....

It is good news week .....produced by Jonathon King and performed the the


Yes it is corny!

And fairly bad.

Peter, Im a hijacker! Good news is that expats in receipt of UK Pension or ‘Benefit’ will see some interesting facts, posted by someone else, If they also read the IDS discussion! end of Hijack!