And suddenly it was winter!

The view from my window today. Let's hope it's not a sign of things to come this winter!

Most of the 14 BOTs are as warm, if not moreso, that any part of the UK. Since they all come under direct rule they are just about the same as French overseas departments. Using the DWP's logic, the UK disqualifies itself from any hint of being really cold. No WFP there then :-D

Just been for a long brisk walk with dogs before I go out to make sure the tame homicidal maniacs do not plug walkers. Anyway, our outside thermometer is showing -4°which I suppose is coldish. The sky is clear, a beautiful full moon gave me light when I set out and is now spectacularly big and clear as it goes below the horizon. Real winter but none of that white muck I am happy to say.

I was also realising that the solstice is on a Sunday, two weeks from today, which is a day when I have always taken a long walk to celebrate the coming spring. I'm not a 'pagan' or the like, simply follow the seasons and whilst I don't really mind winter absolutely enjoy spring. It is my own little ritual to follow changing seasons. My aconites, snowdrops, grape hyacinths and daffodils are all showing leaf which tells me the aconites are 6 to 8 weeks off, snowdrops close behind, then the others. Then it is almost over, well perhaps a week or two of extreme weather, but if I was somewhere else...

At least it's pretty. And yes, that is a rose with a snow cap!

Indeed, David, though it's not all that cold. Just above 1 degree in fact! Saw this in the Telegraph the other day. I particularly enjoyed this comment from a DWP spokesman: "The French state defines itself as the mainland and its overseas departments. It is not for the UK government to redefine the territory of another EEA member state.” Does he really think anyone believes that?

Yep, a damp squib Brian. There's just a low grey sky dithering around the summits, nothing at all fell. The ski resorts that cheerfully opened a couple of weeks ago are all shut up again, it all melted away. They are starting to worry about the two weeks holiday....

We've had a couple of frosts at 1000m but nothing severe. I got my manure spread, and temporary cabin thrown up nae bother :)

That'll be Antrenas in the "hot country" of France then Terry.

The southern Alps are still waiting though, according to bro-in-law last night. They have not yet had a frost even! That often means that this side of the Alps is going to get it because the cold winds hit the warm air and down it comes. Get out the snow shoes chaps...

I fear it may be, Ian, because we're only at an altitude of 970 metres!

Argh, that's what's coming to us in the Alps tonight, looks like the real deal, Terry?