Android Questions

Hello : My kids bought me an Android Tablet. It's great, BUT --- I am trying to find a way of blocking the ISP directing me to whichever server I am using. At the moment of course, it's putting all the Apps, all the updates etc. in French. When we were in Croatia recently using WiFi Hotspots, it did it all in Hravati (?? sp) There are "tools" such as Hot Spot Shields that I use sometimes on the PC, but they will not work on the Android Tablet. Has anybody a solution. PLEASE :-)

Will do thanks.

I actually use Hotspot Shield on the Android Tablet which seems to work well. Have you tried this?

OK, thanks for that, unfortunately I have used Expat Shield in the past and ending up un-installing it as I it slowed everything down and kept redirecting me to crappy stuff!

Sorry about the horrid spelling and grammar but husband was jumping up and down waiting for supper and I did it too fast and without checking ...

Hi Tracey: I got so fed up I contacted Google who told me that there were aware of the problem and were working on it. At the end of the day, I decide to instal one of those programs such as Expat Shield which disguises where your ISP is located. Et voilà!! No hassles in downloading in English :D

Hi Susan, did you ever find a solution to this? I am trying to download things on Google Play and I just don't want them in French but I can't find how to change it?

Hi Nick: I have in fact installed Firefox, so specify which language should be used for various sites, or Google Search; as you said, you put the site in, with the desired ending of *** or * etc. The problem is with the App called Play - a Google program built into the tablet. This gives the updates, new apps, movies, music and so on but there is NO WAY in this to change it from the language of the ISP you are using! The only way you can try and fool it is to use a Shield that either hops from one ISP to another, to puts you on something somewhere else. I use these on the normal PC and laptop. Unfortunately the tablet is so portable, I'd love to use it while travelling. Thanks for the suggestion, though :-)

Susan, if you install Google Chrome for Android, you can specify which Google search you wish to use by editing the search string in the search management screen. This means you can always use .com or instead of switching to the local language. Firefox also allows you to do this , by installing search engines for what language you want.