Android tablets

I'm looking to get a nice Android tablet, what have you got and are you happy with it?


Apologies. My model seems to have been superseded by the Yoga 2 with 4G LTE (whatever that is) and it looks far better better value than the 3G version in my Amazon link. Yoga 2. My goodness, things move fast in the world of computing!

I'm delighted with my Lenovo Yoga 8 tablet. It's beautifully made and has built-in 3G access, useful when you're in the wilds of France, as well as all the other features you'd expect. I can't imagine getting better performance without paying a premium price. Amazon has them here: Amazon UK. They also have a 10-inch model, but I find the 8-inch version the perfect size for travel.

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Gen2 Nexus 7 (the one with the 1920x1200 screen) is my choice as well.

I've bought them so far for my Mum, Dad and Son and would not hesitate to recommend them. My only reservation is that I believe they are due to be replaced soon by the Gen3 and would look into that before buying.

Last year I decided that I was never again going to use most of my baggage allowance when flying "home" lugging my aging laptop and so bought a cheap tablet. I got fair value for money, but it was desperately slow, frustratingly so, but did come with a separate keyboard. The keyboard was OK - apart from the fact that the enter key didn't work :-) But, as proof of concept, the experiment worked. This year I was able to afford something a little better, and having asked around (particularly the children) I discovered that, for a millionaire, the iPad is still the target, but I couldn't afford (or justify) that amount of money. Ended up with a NEXUS and I am decidedly pleased. It doubles as my Internet Radio (to which I am almost addicted) so works quite hard for its living. And, being an old boy, it get pretty rough handling - including being totally submersed in a basin full of shaving water - which (after 3 days in the sun to dry) it survived intact!

I also bought a separate keyboard which doubles as a case. I found the Android "soft-keyboard" a complete pain. Fingers are too fat! I downloaded Swiftkey (free) which is a huge improvement. But for "serious" typing, the separate keyboard is pretty good. Nowhere near as good as a "proper" keyboard - but then I learned to type on old sit-up-and-beg manual keyboards. I am a great Nexus convert now!!