Angling group

As a new member to this site & enjoying looking around for help & advice. I see that there are no groups that cater for angling members.

From my profile photo, you can see it is a subject that features a great deal in my life so; would there be sufficient followers if such a group was set up?

I am based in Deux-Sevres, close to the Pescalis site & am also lucky enough to have my own lake for coaching & general pleasure fishing.

We would be happy to join such a group. Mike and I run Phoenix Lines, we make silk lines for fly-fishing, run courses on making bamboo fly rods and Mike also builds a special range of light glass fibre rods, again for fly-fishing. If anyone is interested in fly-fishing, then they are always welcome to visit us here at Les Mortiers. We are near to Tours, Saumur and Angers - Dept 49.

I think an angling group is a pretty good idea, I have fished on and off for about 50 years, starting with my grandfather and have been hooked ever since, haha! It is only this year that I have actively fished for carp with a reasonable amount of success, by my standards that is, other peoples tips however small can help a great deal, looking forward to warmer weather to get back out there and drown a few worms , as us anglers say tight lines! ps Wendy says hi.