Anglo Info are anti discussion

JUST posted a message to them...

Them being Anglo management.

It will be irradicated....


I check the weather predictions for a seven day period via Anglo info and it

is helpfull for finding out about local events. We found our IT excpert via Anglo


I dont use Anglo much these days...prefer this site...and our local forum in Eymet..though did post on it last week..first time in ages...basically an IT a number of replies that were no complaints this time around.

Carol just spotted your reply.

Really can not remember specifics.

Nothing major.

But if you ask a poster about something they mention..IT is going off topic.

Someone was offering Indian meals on Sundays...I asked who is cooking...I believe.

You would want to know who the chef was in order to assertain the authentisity of the

cooking and if you wanted to participate.

Most people I know have their posts taken off.

what did you send to them Barbara? difficult to say why they deleted unless you give us a clue...