Anglo Info selling subscribers details!

I have tried posting the following on the Anglo Info Dordogne site but it is being automatically removed - I wonder why?? I have posted on their FB site instead - I guess it'll get removed from there too!! Please share this info as it is quite significant!

"I have just had my second cold call in a couple of days from a company in Spain (number shows as 003496599939). The first time they were trying to help me release any pensions I had left in the UK. This time I have no idea what they were trying to help me with as "Karen" spoke so quickly that I couldn't understand a word she said. I told her to "go away"! I then phoned the company back and asked to speak to someone in authority. I was, of course, just left hanging so I put the phone down. Within 2 minutes they called me back to say that my number has been removed from their database. When I asked where they had got my details from I was told ......................... ANGLO INFO ..........!

I am horrified that this organisation are selling (giving away, maybe?) the details of its subscribers. Not just horrified but also a little disgusted!

I trust admin will allow free speech on this topic and not remove it as it is a matter that affects us all!"

Yes - isnt it

Simon and Veronic

I recall seeing a reply to an item like this some months ago when the poster replied that through AI he could check the times of air flights to Australia - see what films were on in Bangkok - or perhaps Singapore and arrange to meet friends there to meet his flights and ALSO check the weather in Perth to arrange a post arrival picnic.

Thats what advertisers pay for - they have the option to have a free ad but if they want a stronger presence then they have to pay.

Linda - its all very well slagging off at someone that cannot reply but if I remember aright I've seen at least two posts from you in which you had items for sale (was one of them for pigs? for which I had a passing interest) in which YOU gave your home number.

I don't recall having to give AI a phone number when I joined.

Sorry to hear you've had this problem Lucinda. Unfortunately, I think that no website policy can prevent people from collecting and using personal information for professional use. All the website owners can do is close the user account of a person that has been found breaking the rules. But first they have to be able to track down who is responsible, and that's not always possible. This reminds me that we users can do our share of preventive action - by analysing who will have access to our information and choosing carefully what information we accept to share. We need to realise that not all our family, friends, and contacts will view personal information in the same way as us. Just like some people have no qualms with sharing or lending an item that they have borrowed, some people don't think there is a problem sharing personal details of someone else.

We know that Survive France has great qualities and James and Catherine have

created something special.

But Anglo info is a different product.

It is about shopping and swopping, bringing and buying and yes Veronique...

a guide for the purchase of pink...and possibly lillac toilet paper.

It is not an intellectual play ground but it has it's place and for local info

can be extreemly useful.

Let us not confuse an artisan deli in Holland street Kensington to

Tesco supermarket in Earls Court.

Great to hear that SImon and Veronique!



Hi there I agree with your Veronique, A.I. is a complete waste of time only good for looking for certain things ie log suppliers etc. any thing else is far too controversial for them, the moderators must be 90 year old grannies sitting around a stove in a kitchen knitting.

This site seems far better, all ready i have had several queries answered by knowledgeable people.

Lucinda it is very odd.

I hope that you get to the bottom of it.

Are you sure Lucinda that they have SOLD your info?

Funny world we live in.

Difficult to know who we can really trust...

Does that statement show negativity, the facts or am I seeing

life as it really is?

They are arses. A friend of mine got scammed via a job-offer on their site & when I posted a warning to other users they removed it and sent me a snotty email. They didn't, however, remove the scam job advertisements...

Lucinda have you asked Anglo info about this,

Hazel Michael is the owner/director for our region.