Anglo info

Anglo Info seems to have reappeared It is sending me messages, mainly about stuff for sale. I think I quit in disgust years ago about the rudeness of the people.
Does anybody knows anything about it?

Yes AngloInfo has been running again for quite a while. I don’t bother with it as there are many more superior forums around now (such as this one!)


Did AI ever finish completely?
The new management company shat over the franchisees from a very great height (even after some of them had only just handed over vast sums for the privilege) and didn’t give a monkeys whatsit for them afterwards.
The site had some useful references from the past but that’s about it. Time has definitely moved on and what with Brexshit…
Good riddance as far as I’m concerned. I won’t be changing my allegiance from SF.


Folks here in Brittany, frustrated with AngloInfo before it got into difficulties, started an alternative - United in Brittany.

And that is umm interesting to say the least


The changed the name of it for some time to did not

Glad we use real names here!

I signed up to AngloInfo years ago but it seemed to be singularly useless so I stopped looking at it. A friend keeps telling me to advertise my services on it (what services?!) and as far as I can see that’s all it’s for.

I have been receiving occasional updates from it for several years now, so didn’t notice that it had disappeared.

I only went there once to look at a dog that was reported in need and found that I had to register to do so. Then I found that it was a regional affair and of no interest to me, not being in Normandy, so never went back.

I just was wondering, they seem to have ads,apart from that it was pretty awfull especially the management!
Thank you all and Happy new year

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Just had a quick look and the New Knuckle Grazer’ s Gazette seems as “good” as the old.

Yes it was an odd forum, forever banning posters, bit like here at times.

That’s par for the course with forum moderation, how and why it is done is what makes the difference.


How true, I was banned from one which will be nameless, for warning the owners that an insulting poster was putting himself and them (as publishers) in danger of a libel action. Turned out he was a close friend of theirs who then became a mod, but was ejected for deleting the account of someone else he fell out with. Shortly afterwards he was back in the fold again. :laughing: :laughing:

But the excuse they used against me was that I had insulted the owner of another forum who ‘was their dear friend’. This ‘friend’ then welcomed me into her forum without the customary probationary period ‘because she knew me from elsewhere and knew that I wasn’t a troublemaker’ :joy:

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