Angouleme Gastronomy

Looks great for those who can get there… :grin:

I never been to Angouleme but it seems a pleasent place. We’re going to drive up to the classic car racing next September.

It is well worth a visit… at any time… :relaxed::relaxed: (when the roads aren’t blocked… :roll_eyes::thinking:

Do you live near it Stella?

I’ve taken part in the Remparts weekend for several years it’s a great event. Angoulême itself is a charming town.

It’s a few hours away… but quite feasible for a day-trip.

When we did our first Circuit des Remparts , our group stayed at a hotel in the centre… which gave us the opportunity to explore Angoulême on foot once the cars were safely garaged underground…:wink:

We haven’t done the CdR for a few years now… but still like to visit Angoulême throughout the year, with our Charentaise friends…(and if the wine flows too freely, they can put us up for the night - hurrah)

Yes, I’ve booked a hotel in the centre with secure parking for the Morgan. I’ll probably do the little " **Rallye des Clubs" they have on the Saturday as well.

Hi John… the Saturday run is always fun. Passing through little villages and seeing the joy and amazement on the faces of folk (especially kids) …as the lovely cars roll by… horns tooting (not around livestock of course)… and everyone waving…

In the old days… there many stops… where it was essential to down a glass or two of something delicious…:wink: and then, of course, lunch-break… fab food with a bottle or two…:wink::wink:

and, eventually, everyone rolling homeward… being safely “waved - over” at each crossroad by the local gendarmes/guards who wanted everyone to have a wonderful time… without incident of any kind… phew, then the evening celebrations… and somehow one needs to remain sane/sober enough for the racing on Sunday… :hugs:

I’d like to recommend a restaurant in Angouleme that I just happened upon, near the Sociale Securite office. The name is “L’Adresse” and the address is: 102 rue de Perigueux, 16000 Angouleme. Phone: 09 81 24 90 55

It serves lunch and dinner. The menu seemed good and the service was very good. I ate lunch there. The thing that stood out, was the service. This is a casual dining place, with attentive, efficient service. The food was fresh and just felt like I’d had a solidly great experience.

Not sure where one would park, but finding a spot to do so might be worth it, to go and eat here. Hope you like it, too.