Another baby Boris Johnson….or not…who knows or cares

How many is that now ?

I feel guilty having three kids….

LBF, If you don’t care why print a link


I thought you all like talking about Boris. Boris is box-office on French forums.

Just being helpful creating another Boris thread.

So how many kids does he farther now ? Seven or eight of nine? ?

Can we all have seven kids or would the worlds resources run out providing for them all ?

Should people be allowed to have so many kids ?

So many questions.

She must have some hold over him if he’s still bonking her** after all this time.

** - compared with his normal modus operandi of serial affairs.


Didn’t someone (perhaps his American mistress Arcuri?) describe having sex with Johnson as being like having a wardrobe falling on you with the key still in the door :rofl:


How many people would want to bonk BJ ?

Carrie must be his last chance. Lol.

But that was not really the point of my thread…

He has many kids from’many wives.

Does he set a good example to humanity ?

Can the world afford (resource-wise) for everyone to have so many kids ?

Would you want to be a kid of a father that screwed the UK into the ground ?

So many questions.

I think it’s at least 8 on record <deity> knows what the attraction is.

Perhaps, but I wouldn’t trust him to keep it in his trousers if presented with an opportunity


Eight, officially, I believe.




I hope I’ve provided some answers :slight_smile:


Who is going to look to Boris Jonhnson for an example, and would anyone care?

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Is it worth clubbing together for a vasectomy for him?


His children ?

Scary thought innit.

BJ children (all 20 of them) in 30 years time could carry on his fine work.

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I wouldn’t call three wives many, sexual partners well he has had his share of those

Another snout in the trough, sired by the biggest pig of 'em all.

No, that was Prescott’s bit on the side, that said that

…And perhaps the knife could slip?

Shouldn’t be very expensive for a pair of bricks bright smartly together at great velocity.

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No, the more the merrier, the public school fess will bankrupt him.

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Surely Stanley will pay.