Another cancellation due to Gilet Jaunes

(stella wood) #1

Will life ever get back to normal… ???


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(Jane Williamson) #3

Just who is running this country?
It is all very well Macron getting agitated about UK having a deleterious effect on the running of the EU when France is held in thrall by thugs.

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(Dan Wood) #4

This was a perfect opportunity for the new mayor of Bordeaux to exercise some strong leadership and let folk know he was not going to allow the anarchy to continue Unfortunately not. Another spoilt Saturday in store for the Bordelaise and visitors alike.


(stella wood) #5

Dan… what do you think the Mayor should/could have done…

As far as I can see, all across France… each time a decision is taken by the Mayor/whoever to keep a certain area clear… it seems that the GJ’s insist on going against them… and the ensuing confrontation we all hear and see on the News etc etc etc… and heaven help an officer of Law and Order if anyone in the crowd gets hurt…

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(Dan Wood) #6

Exactly what the authorities have done in Paris the past few weekends - Close off the central areas in the City where they traditionally congregate - Place de la Bourse and Mirroir d’eau. They are already banned from Place Berland so he needs to drive them further and further away from places of public resort just like Paris where at least the shops and restaurants in the Champs Elysee have been able to open for business and the traffic has been flowing. At least folk will be able to get back to some semblance of normality.

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(stella wood) #7

According to the Press… Bordeaux has had areas closed-off… but the GJ disregard and the battle ensues… same as everywhere, including Paris… :thinking:

and, it’s not just the Press… we have friends in Paris… Bordeaux etc etc… they have first hand experience of trying to live with the GJ’s… and they ain’t happy !!

I’m off out tomorrow for a meeting some way away, leaving at 7am and hoping to avoid any ruckus… could be a long, difficult day… :face_with_raised_eyebrow::upside_down_face:


(Dan Wood) #8

We are in Bordeaux every weekend and have seen first hand the methods employed by the police. They sacked the Prefect in Paris and since then there has been an improvement. In Bordeaux the Police need to be more inventive. If ordinary folk cannot go about their lawful business then chaos ensues. Or is Ambivalence the solution? I think not.


(stella wood) #9

Not truly sure what the solution is… certainly not while too many folk think the world owes them something… albeit there are thankfully some GJ’s who do not have such extreme views…

It is also difficult when the Justices over-ride the authority of the Prefecture (whoever)…who try to close places and/or ban demonstrations…

As I say… no easy solution.

and all the shops/restos/ banks etc etc who have suffered property damage and loss of custom… the bill will have to be paid… somehow… as well…


(stella wood) #10

Any ideas you would like to share… :thinking:


(Graham Lees) #11

Shoot 'em :innocent:


(stella wood) #12

Not much fun for the general public, let alone the commerces etc… in Toulouse or Bordeaux again this Saturday…