Another Doggy Theme

I have a thirteen year old Boxer, and over the last few months her back legs have completely ceased to function.

Quite sad to see her dragging herself along for her food / water etc.

We even have to carry her out to do her business, that's when she hasn't already done it in the house.

I was thinking of one of those little chariots you can get for the back end, mainly to help her for eating. Does anyone have any experience with them. They are quite expensive to buy new and she is getting to the end of her time. Thirteen for a boxer is good.

But we are struggling to come to a decision to have her put to sleep.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you Lucinda.
We did speak to the vet and they will come to the house.
My wife is trying to prepare herself.
I agree with you though, I can only imagine it being painful on her back legs, in fact she has lost skin and one of her legs is now swollen.
Once again thanks for your reply.