Another Historic Moment

They have chosen the Wedding Buggy :+1: :joy:

Links @Bill !

Thanks James WOWEE :laughing:

Must get in on the universal joy-fest with a slightly lugubrious observation that the carriage lined up for a foul-weather procession round the houses in Windsor on the big day had a distinctly funereal look to it, quite hearse–like, although it would keep the Happy Couple from getting soaked to the skin on their journey to the marriage bed…

They have booked this, just in case of bad weather… :relaxed:


Like it!

Had a big church wedding first time round, top hat and tails etc. We hired a vintage car to drive the 150 metres from the church to the reception, damn thing wouldn’t start and we ended walking which was my suggestion in the first place, obviously an omen for the marriage which only lasted five years, she never would listen. True story.


In 1989 my cousin Miriam married the son of the man responsible for the Royal carriages. The reception was held in the mews buildings where the carriages were kept after the guests had entered Buckingham Palace through the main entrance.
Luckily it was Miriam who got married because if it had been her sister, My Cousin Rebekah, it would have sounded like a misquote of a Daphne DuMaurier title.

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