Another horse meat scandal

Dear Foodies,

Sad but true.

now more than ever we need to be vigilant where our food originates from---especially if we are feeding kids.

Happy Eating,


I am under instruction from my son to buy hotdogs at least occasionally as he loves them. Chorizo too. I'm not a food-nazi so I'm okay with that. :)

good for you sarah! i totally agree with you. i will admit though, with 4 kids and a very busy schedule, i have to occasionally cut corners and buy , albeit rarely, convenience foods. However, i don’t ever buy those frozen casseroles with ‘who knows where’ the meat comes from. nor do we buy chicken nuggets or hot dogs…

I go to BioCoop organic supermarket near where I live where the staff are friendly and informative and I have discussions with them too, yes.

The butcher's wife is used to people asking about her meat, especially with all the meat scares in recent times, so I had no qualms about discussing it with her. It also shows interest and as the butcher prides himself on the quality of his meat, it's good to show him and his wife that their concern is appreciated by their customers.

I certainly liked it and without wanting to get too carried away, do you peel strips off your green grocer as well

I did. Appropriate, huh? :)

I'm sorry (its already been a long day here and I know the topic is serious) but couldnt help noticing that you said you "grilled" your butcher :-)

You just can't trust the food industry.

I have decided to act and not buy food from the supermarket, but to eat only organic produce, and get my meat from the butcher who I grilled about where the meat comes from and how it is killed.

We eat less meat but it's better quality. I buy nothing that isn't fresh - no frozen, nothing pre-prepared. I'm fed up with the food industry taking the Michael, poisoning us with toxic chemicals and passing off rubbish as food. Even the cheese you find on frozen pizza is a chemical mixture without a trace of cheese in it! Yuk.