Another little bit of banking transparency arrives

I just recived this…

"In April 2021 some provisions of the amended EU cross-border payment regulation will come into effect. These provisions require the Bank to give customers greater transparency on foreign exchange charges for certain card transactions in the European Economic Area (EEA). To do this, from 19 April 2021, the Bank will be required to send you or an additional cardholder a message when you, or the cardholder, use a Debit card or Credit card to complete a transaction involving a currency exchange in a non-euro EEA currency. For Credit Card transactions completed by an additional cardholder we will send the message to the additional card holder and the principal cardholder. We have amended our Personal Current Account, Second Level Current Account, Basic Bank Account, Personal Credit Card and Student Credit Card terms and conditions to refer to the fact that we will be sending you this message.

This message will contain certain information relating to the currency conversion including a percentage figure referred to as the percentage mark-up. The percentage mark-up will reflect the difference between:

a) what you will pay through The Bank (inclusive of the foreign exchange rate and charges that we apply)* and

b) what you would pay if the transaction was carried out at the latest available ECB rate (with no charges applied)**

We will send you, or an additional cardholder, the message by text if we hold a valid mobile number or, if we do not and we hold a valid email address, we will send an email. If we hold neither a mobile number nor email address the message will not be sent… etc. etc. etc."

Just seen this @John_Scully .

Will French banks be doing the same, I wonder.

I’d forgotten all about this Karen, and I can’t even remember who sent it to me. It’s filed somewhere :thinking: However the " EU cross-border payment regulation" implies all EU banks will have to comply. I could be wrong.