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Happy New Year by the way, as usual I have wandered off deep into the heart of rural somewhere and forgotten about online and civilization.
A cheap printer, I need one quickly and don’t tell me there’s no such thing and it will cost me its weight in ink within a month, I know. Where can I get a cheap printer? Amazon seems to be spammed with those little photo printers when I type ‘cheap printer’.

I don’t know what is cheap for you, but this is a good all round printer:
a no frills printer for €50

It’s on the German Amazon for approx. €100.00 or at
for just a bit more
Or if you want to spend a bit more:
This is about €159
The French Amazon site does not seem to be great.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you, that is very helpful.

We mainly do black & white printing so I bought a very small laser printer that does auto double sided and apple airprint etc. It is very handy and cheap to run. It was approx £70 when on offer.

It is like this one Link

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There are usually cheapy offers in hypermarché leclerc/inter/carrefour as well.

The problem with inkjet printers is the more you use them, the more expensive they are. The price of ink is where the manufacturers recoup the cost of the cheap printer. Google running costs and you’ll get more information. Some printers won’t work with generic cartridges, too.

I would certainly be thinking of a laser printer from a manufacturer like Samsung, HP, Epson (mine is a Samsung and it’s great).

A consideration is the OS you are using. Windoze plug and play (all day) will usually cope with most marques but Linux based OSs could be more fickle.
I use Linux (Ubuntu) and it works very well with HP printers using the HPLIP utility but I know of others who struggle with some of the best known brands.
Laser (either color or mono) are better for durability; the ink in jet cartridges tends to dry up if left for some time between usages but a quick (careful) shake of a laser cartridge will generally loosen up the toner extending the life of the product. The main difference is between the HP and Epson engine driven types. The HP cartridge is the whole ensemble replaced when the toner runs out. The Epson style IIRC splits the toner and the drum which some say is a better option.
You pays your money and you takes your choice…

As above, depends what you want and what you consider cheap.

If you don’t need colour laser printers are generally cheaper to run and have better print speeds. You could look at this Brother model from Amazon I have an older model with Ethernet - the HL2250DN and it has been very reliable. The closest on is the HL-L2375DW which is more money but does have both WiFi and wired Ethernet whereas the 2310 is USB only.

Not replying to the question… This may help in the short term.
If I need to print off something I copy to a USB stick & take it to either a photoshop in the Centre commercial or one of the local tabac’s they charge t’ween 15 - 30 cts p/sheet of A4.

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Looks like we have both recommended the same printer! (well very nearly)

I like the compact size of these along with the good performance and low running costs.

We have a cheap laser printer for all the French bureaucratic stuff, but I also take a lot of photos as source material for my wife’s paintings and these are printed by a local repro store at 1€ for a high quality A3 print.

Horses for courses…

The very first thing I did on arriving in France on Nov 2nd - made it just in time! - was order a multi-function laser b/w printer. I’d had the experience of moving to Spain to know it would be an absolute necessity. The extra for a machine that will also scan and copy is resoundingly welll worth it.

Wireless: also worth the extra. Laser - as per other comments here, the saving in ink - often simply because the one in the machine has dried out - pays for the extras mentioned above.

When faced with replacing an injet cartridge by mail order [at absurd cost] half way thru’ printing the labels for a UK > FR ‘care package’ , as a pal found just before Xmas, having the cartridge turn up post Brexit meant the Cheddar had to come out, also the Marmalade and as the rest of the stuff, except a book, were all made in China, I expect to be charged VAT again and duty and handling charges and yet more VAT on all of that. And from no ‘docamenti’ in Dec, he now has to run off a Customs Declaration in triplicate!

A consequence of Brexit is that the HP multi function printer I bought from for £132 inc p n p is now £231.55 inc p n p to ship to FR.

Perhaps also as a result of Brexit, this printer has come down on from +/- €170 to €129.99 - but there must have been a run on them at that price because "Nous faisons de notre mieux pour être de nouveau en stock. " … they’re out of stock!

HP printers come with a system where you pay per page for printing and a new cartridge arrives in the post when you need it. Much cheaper that buying online or in shops

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I have heard some horror stories of this HP system whereby you subscribe to a certain number of prints per month and if you exceed this number you simply can no longer print.

I don’t think you can use compatible cartridges with these printers so print costs are high.

It does seem that HP are proactive in wanting to send the cartridges which does make me a little suspicious of this being “a nice little earner” for them.

I have both a small laser printer that does 99% of our printing and an HP ink jet printer/scanner for the very occasional colour pages needed.

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Not forgetting that you can print up to 15 pages per month free if you select that option. I haven’t bought an ink cartridge in 4 years. Only paid £1 for additional 10 pages a few times

I have been reading the HP website about the Instant Ink scheme - it actually looks pretty good - just need to pick appropriate subscription carefully.

works well for us

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I just picked the free one, suits for most months

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Sorry everyone. You’ve all been brilliant in replies and I did the Professor Brainstawm and wandered off without thanking you.
Thank you all.