Another Petit Bebe!

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #1

I had my 23 week scan yesterday (a bit late as we've been away) and everything is looking good, once again however our echographiste concluded it was a petit bebe. I asked how this compared to my first born (who was declared a very little baby & required scans every 4 weeks post 22 weeks to check on her growth but turned out to be 2.7 kilos & in great health) to which she said oh yes it is a small baby said with much pouting & shaking of head.

So I decided to ignore this & got out the charts at home from my last one & found that actually this little one is slightly bigger than the first, some 50g more so I'm not worrying like I did last time. The baby looks fine, I'm well & my bump is growing, so I won't be force fed this time round like a goose in order to put weight on the baby (yes that's what I was told last time - to eat more! which meant hubbie turned into the farmer forcing food down my neck or so it felt at the time, bless him)

Next scan 32 weeks - no panic 4 weekly scans this time round, hurray!

Now I must sort out going to visit the sage-femme for my sophrology preparation courses...worked a treat last time.


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(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #2

Thanks Catherine, isn’t it funny how people are obsessed with size even from before we are born!

(Catharine Higginson) #3

They all vary so widely. My number two was 6lb (don’t know what this is in kg sorry!) at 2 weeks overdue- she had a tiny tiny head and everyone asked how premature she had been. She was a little baby and toddler and has now totally caught up with her siblings. I was told at 37 weeks that no 3 wasn’t growing properly as my bump seemed to be getting smaller. Had umpteen scans, was told he was too small and got really panicked as I’d lost a baby late on in between so I really didn’t need added stress, then had a healthy 7.5lb boy with a huge head and rugby players set of shoulders, after a hideous labour as apparently he was in a funny position, hence the decreasing bump size.

So my advice is ignore the pouting and head shaking. Some babies are meant to be small. If numbers 1 and 3 had been any bigger in my case, they would never have come out!