Another species to wipe out...?

Mankind’s never ending mission to discover new creatures, and then kill them, continues.

I would have found this interesting some years ago, now I just wonder about what’s going to happen to the poor blighters. They’ve no sooner found them than “A few days after the snailfish was filmed, scientists caught two other snailfish…”. Do they mean “caught” or “caught on camera”?


I’m sure the Japanese will have an exclusive recipe for them…

In the article, it is said, “The team said these are the first fish to have ever been collected from a depth greater than 8,000 metres.”

Sounds like they have been brought to the surface. They are scientists so I’d think that just observing them by video would not be enough. Dissecting them to find out why a non-deep-water-fish can go so deep seems likely to me.