Another step forward

I’ve just come in from the garden…having planted some pot bound plants…that were crying out to get their little roots in to the ground. I’m exhausted as the soil here is clay... which sticks to your tools… boots… and gloves with bulldog tenacity. However…it’s that happy tiredness…that follows a job that’s been on your mind for some weeks…teasing and tormenting you…because you know the plants would soon be lost…(and they were a bargain when I bought them from Brico several weeks ago).

I’m also happy because this is another step forward on my journey of recovery to Being…the all singing… all dancing me again! I’m bored with the months of inactivity caused by my knee operation. I long to dust the cobwebs off my beautiful silver bike… (that I haven’t been able to ride for eighteen months)…and meander down the lanes once more... noticing all the little signs of the changing seasons that you fail see when you’re driving around in a car.

So today has been another step forward …onwards and upwards…thank You God.

With you Heather. Nigh on 11 months since I broke my shoulder. I've been prodded and poked, have physiotherapy several times a week but I am almost off unnecessary medication, I know I have five or six years until I shall need a joint replacement and it gets better. I pitched for a contract doing what I do best recently, had a long meeting via Skype yesterday and now today have had the news that the job has been awarded to me. OK, it is terrible money compared to the usual and a short contract at that in terms of working days. Next month I'll have a five day round trip to Budapest to do three days training of a group of people who appear to be absolute novices and then need to come back with them stimulated enough to feed back to me to design the research project they have to carry out. Suddenly I feel a lot more like me. I think you will know what I mean.