Another useful Group

There is a very useful Group in France on Gmail, but some folks on there just give me a pain in my brain. They offer a service then you call or send email or phone, usually an answering machine takes the message. That’s it you never hear of them again.
Today someone wanted a single mattress which I have and the bed to go with it, the lady wanted to buy it, no I told her its free to you but you have to take the bed as well. No reply zero what is this about? is it me, am I too generous?
My annoyance is I offered cartons on this group, they had the nerve to ask me to deliver them. Is the world gone mad.

Ok it must be me, probably is.
I discovered a Group on Gmail in France, its good for all sorts of things.
You need a builder, whatever, and folks sell this and that on it. They do ask for stuff at times for free, and give stuff for free which is also good.
My beef is they do ask for stuff you offer it and never hear a peep again.

Victoria - it may help to name / or link to the group…

I would rather not, the Lady that runs it gives her time and energy to it.
She is good and you might even know it, Dronne …. ……
I just feel that some folks take the biscuit, and come back for the whole factory.

OK - so we have a ‘very useful group’ that you don’t want to share with us - is that right?

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I’m confused!

Why would you tell us all about a group but then be unwilling to share the name of it?

Your post seems to have no purpose.


So, she wants the mattress but not the hassle of disposing of the bed that she doesn’t want or feels that it would be wasteful to do so.

Yes, it would have been nice for her to let you know that she was no longer interested.

But, honestly, I wouldn’t loose sleep over it - or over what happened to Shergar.


LMAO here, almost as strange as Brex…