ANPE-Sign up meeting

(geraldine mc dougall) #1

Can anyone tell me what happens at the sign up /inscription meeting with the ANPE?

thank you

(Tracy Thurling) #2

Hi Geraldine,
Just to let you know that employing a childminder here hardly costs anything at all, as you get a great deal of assistance. The going rate is about 3.5euros an hour and if you are on a low wage, the CAF (as you are now working) will re-imbourse most of it - you will have to pay a minimum of 15%, depending on your total income. Then at the end of the year, you get 50% of what you have paid out as a tax refund, so it actually costs very little.
My children are a little older than yours (5 and 3) so I understand how tricky it can be without family on hand but when you go the Pole Emploi they will not accept having small children as a reason not to work as child care is so cheap.
You don’t say where you are but if you could find anything, just a few hours a week it will open you up to CAF payments and all sorts of things. If your husband is working, I can’t understand why you have no entitlement to payments - with 2 children under three you are entitled to approximately 190€ a month for a child under 3 (PAJE) and 119€ Allocation Familliale (only paid from child 2 onwards)
However as regards your income, we live in Burgundy and around here 1350net is considered a regular wage for most families.
Incidentally, I got most of my jobs through writing letters on spec or just turning up at the door, the Pole Emploi have never been much use. They will however send you on various courses t write CV’s, letters of motivation etc, which are totally different to how they are done in the UK.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, I have lots of experience of successful job hunting and also negotiating with CAF for my rights - the French do it and if you have been paying into the system, you are entitled to it’s benefits. The only bit I’m not sure is the difference between being married or not as the French do make a distinction, in their welfare systems - it is definitely better/easier to be married - that’s not a judgement, just a statement of fact, so please don’t be offended.
Good luck with the job hunt, you’ll get one eventually if you keep trying and think positive.

(geraldine mc dougall) #3

Thank you.
Seemily we arent allowed any help as my partners wages are not low-1350?just over the limit we have been told.
We are happy and heathly thats all that matter and am sure il get a job soon enough

(Catharine Higginson) #4

Hi Geraldine

Just wanted to say “Good luck” and I am sure that things will get better. I would also suggest you make an appt with an assistante sociale either via the CAF or the Mairie. Caf’s vary widely from area to area in terms of how sympathetic and useful they are but a good assistant sociale will be able to help you get everything you are entitled too and there are numerous odd payments available if you are on a low income - not huge amounts of money but as they say,every little helps!! x

(geraldine mc dougall) #5

If i was in the Uk i could have benefits coming out of my ears plus a house!
I would rather struggle a little here than go back.In the long run its the best thing for my children

(geraldine mc dougall) #6

Thank you CARL for all your information.I have another meeting in a few weeks,so i will go and see what there are saying.
I knew someone would say to 'get a job,'this is the worse thing you could say,very touchy subject!
Do not think i have tried?
i have 2children one nearly 3year old and the other 3months,we have noone here at all to look after them and refuse to work just to pay a childminder.I have lots of childcare qualifications but none are valid here.i want to work! i would scrub toilets,work night/weekends-anything but i can not find any work.Hence why i am going to sign up at the Anpe.
Many french people have said that us brits are here for the benefits,it may be true for certain but is definatly not true about me!I don’t want any benefits i want a job!I have always worked since the age of 15,i have been independant since then and paid my bills etc myself.If i didn’t have money for something i would do without or the bare minimum.

(geraldine mc dougall) #7

Thanks carl that sounds about right from what i have been told.
It is also true about the CAF as i only get money for my children every month.
Most of savings have gone after 4years,so it is really four of us on one wage( partners french).

(Catharine Higginson) #8

Are you sure that is right about the CAF? I haven’t checked it out but what you are saying would seem to be against every European principle going…

(geraldine mc dougall) #9

Well went to my appointment at the Anpe this morning.
I arrived on time and was left 30minutes because the lady hadn’t finished with the other person,so i was happy to wait.Then she finished and decided to have a break of over 30minutes.She finally came and took another person whos appointment was after mine but just so happened to be the time at that moment. Bearing in my I had another meeting to go to and a crying baby in my arms,i was getting very fed up so i walked out and started putting everything in the car.Just as i was about to go someone came out and i said why are you leaving etc and said that i MUST make another appointment,so i did he said 11.30 and i said what times your first one of the day,so i wont be waiting.He wasnt very happy i took 8.30 one!
Overall i thought it was very unproffesional from start to finish.Not looking forward to my next one in a few weeks!

(Catharine Higginson) #10

Thanks for the v useful response.

And I love the mention of homicidal dogs…v apt, v true and v funny.

(geraldine mc dougall) #11

Thank you for replying.
I will find out tomorrow morning.
I havent paid NI for 3/4years so i don’t think i will get anything.
thanks again

(geraldine mc dougall) #12

Thank you for your reply.
I have been here for 4years and was told that i wouldn’t be entitled to job seekers as i am not french!
i thought that was everyone entitled to job seekers?