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If you have questions about:

Employment, Self-Employment or Starting a Company in France
French Property - Purchase, Ownership or Rental
Social security & Health - your rights & obligations
the French School System
Banking & Taxes in France
Other paperwork in French

Then French Admin Solutions membership is for you!

For the equivalent of just 5€ per month website membership brings our community understanding of their administrative options and obligations, giving them control and peace of mind in the future, at an extremely competitive price.

My answers to your questions are current and up to date, and respond specifically to your personal situation, taking you through the steps you need to take to solve the problem at hand.

Members also have full access to the Resources materials - one pace with instant access to websites and forms needed to successfully negotiate life in France.

I also do company registration of all types, and our first years membership is included in the package price, as well as document translation. Get in touch on or check out the Services page.

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