Anti flu vaccination

It’s that time of year… keep an eye out for your freebie…(it’s even worth paying if you are not eligible, it’s not expensive)


Our letters arrived this week. The vaccine will be available from 6th October.

Thanks, Stella, we’re going to get our jabs in two week’s time. :slightly_smiling_face:

OH nearly always has a mild initial reaction to the jab… but it keeps him safe through the winter…:relaxed:

Did I read/hear somewhere that the pharmacist will give the vaccination now?

Yes, the Pharmacies in Nouvelle Aquitaine are leading the way… :relaxed: I put the link at the top of the page… :wink:

Thank you stella, I thought it was another ad :thinking:

We used to make an appointment to visit the Doc… then it became easier to queue at the local Medical Centre for the Nurse… and now we can use the Pharmacy…so much choice…:relaxed: