Antique American bed small double size (c 140cm) NOW SOLD

For sale by owner. This very unusual old bed dates from around 1800 and has been in our family since the 1930s. Made from solid maple wood and dismantles for transport, Originally a ‘rope bed’ (it would have had a feather mattress supported by crisscrossed cords) it has been converted to modern use with an upholstered solid wood base and foam mattress made in 1979 and since then almost never used. Mattress is is excellent condition but due to the baseboard, it is fairly firm ( a thicker mattress could easily be used). A bed like this sold in the USA today would fetch over $3000 but we are selling it for the bargain price of 150€ (we need the space for other renovations). Buyer collects from SE Mayenne (Pay de la Loire, midway between Laval and Le Mans).

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