ANTS - I think they're pants

so trying to immatriculer my car - I go on the ANTS site which tells me that one needs to ‘sign in’ on ‘France Connect’ to perform that particular operation. So I go to that site and keep going round in circles. Has anyone used the ANTS to immatriculé without going via France connetc?

I have not used France Connect… I created an account and have always used that… I never even touch the France Connect button, logo or anything else.

I note that ANTS is unavailable at the moment (or it was just now)…

it has been available all day Stella - its just that although some services seem to be avauilable from my space, immatriculation seems to require my loginf in from France connect.
I am sure I am doing something wrong and this is not correct.
I feel sure it should bep possible using just the ants site. (worker ants ?)

This is the site I use… and a little earlier it showed a banner talking about maintenance being done and some things being unavailable overnight… :thinking:

The important thing to bear in mind is what ANTS means. It stands for AGENCE NATIONALE DES TITRES SÉCURISÉS or NATIONAL AGENCY FOR SECURE DOCUMENTS.
It is necessary for a user to correctly register to use the system and to be varified against other government databases. If you cannot be varified as a legitimate, DOMICILED individual then access will be denied. This prevents (hopefully) temporary visitors & holiday makers from being able to apply for documents & services to which they are not entitled. The ANTS system does this fairly well but it does require users to be trustworthy & honest, a quality some Brits manage to set aside if it does not suit them!
Vehicle registration is one of these.
In the past holiday home owners have got away with this by producing a household bill as proof of domicile. Trouble is their domicile is their main residence in UK so to offer a french address claiming THAT as their main residence is fraudulent.


yes, my question is though, has anyone used the ANTS site to register a car?
If so, were you able to do it without signing in through France Connect?
From what I am experiencing, it looks like some things can be done purely using ANTS but others - like registering a used car - can only be done by logging in through France Connect.
I would love a simple answer to those first two questions.

Sorry Geoff. The answer to your first question is yes, quite a few. To answer your second question, I signed up to an account using the “Je cree un compte” rather than France Connect, so, again, yes.

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Hopefully this is not throwing fuel.onto a fire…
My experience of the ANTS website was that a France Connect account is now compulsory. In addition, you need to be on the Securite Sociale computer system , ones ID is verified there by the ANTS system. If one is not registered there then ANTS rejects the France Connect account.
The whole process went online-only at the end of 2017, which is when a France Connect account became obligatory. I went around in circles with IT support teams until I found out about the verification process. I ended up getting a local-ish motorcycle shop to do the applications fir all of our vehicles.
Still waiting to hear from Amelie about my applucation for a CV. When they reply I will have been allocated a tempirary national insurance number. That means I will exist on the Seurite Sociale system - shame all the vehicles are now done :laughing:

Yes, I have just given up and paid a local shop to do it for me.
I was pushing the point because at the start of this thread, Stella said that she has used the ANTS without using France Connect and it has been frustrating me that I cannot do it.

Don’t blame me… I have done it twice for a vehicle… (although neither for an actual Sale)… but each time I was offered a choice of which way to connect… and I chose to log in via my Account rather than France Connect… :zipper_mouth_face:

I think many people have succeeded without using a France Connect account but not, I suspect, since November 2017.

I’ve just gone in and it is now asking that I log in through FC… with a number of choices. I chose to go through the Impot link…so I have followed that…now they ask for the Numéro Fiscal and a Password … once accepted, I presume the account with FC is opened…

As I have no wish to sell a vehicle… I did not go past the page asking me for my information…

I think I will use an “agent” if in need… much easier…